Why I Brag About My Marriage On The Internet

I brag about my relationship.  I do.  Intentionally and unabashedly.  In real life, of course, but also on the internet.  I blog about it, I tweet about it, I post schmoopy photos with sickeningly-sweet captions.  I do.

Let's start this off by saying that I am a newlywed.  In fact, I'm not just a newlywed, but a SUPER newlywed --- I've been married a total of 2 whopping months today!  Crazy, I know.

Bear with me here, though, because I don't think this is just for married folk!  I've always been this way with Christopher and my relationship, and here's why.

It's genuine.  I am so stupidly in love and so lucky to have Christopher in my life and I want everyone to know it!

But do you want to know another reason?  I truly, genuinely feel like there is a ton of negativity, especially involving relationships, on Facebook.  I see people bashing their spouses or posting (absolutely zero percent) cryptic posts about their partner's immaturity or lack of understanding or inability to do housework or Lord knows what else.  And I hate it!  I don't understand why someone would want to trash talk their partner for their whole social circle to see!

So you're frustrated or angry with your spouse?  Call your mom!  Call your best friend!  Have a conversation about the issue with your partner!  Why are you going to everyone you've ever known since high school and sharing your (and your partners'!) personal business?  I don't get it.

And the worst part?  It works.  It gets attention and responses and "support" from others.  I've gotta tell you, it is so disheartening to read the replies on a negative post like that: "Yeah, men just don't get it!" "Come on now, he should step it up!" "Why's she being such a brat?" and goodness knows what else.  Why is it a good idea to contribute to a negative situation in someone's life?  To me, this is public shaming of another person and it's not cool.

(Now, just to be 100% clear here, I do not believe that you should fake internet happiness.  If you're unhappy or unsafe in your relationship you should absolutely seek help from friends or professional counselors. I would never ever want someone to act like they're in a healthy situation when they are not.  Just want to make sure I'm not unclear here.)

The point is, I want to uplift Christopher.  I want everyone who knows me to know how much I love him, how wonderful he is, and that we are happy and doing well.  Does this mean we never have conflict or never have struggles?  Of course not!  We've had many many trials that we've dealt with and will continue to deal with, but that is one of the reasons I adore us so much --- we work through the tough things - privately - and come out better for it!

My job is to be supportive, and kind, and loving towards my partner.  And so what if a fun way for me to do that is to post pictures of us wearing matching pajamas on a Tuesday night?  Some people find that excessively cutesy stuff annoying, I know, but I love it!  They can feel free to unfollow me if they want to, and that's fine!

But if you're my friend, I can assure you that I will "like" all of your super sweet photos with your partner!  Keep spreading the love, ya'll!  It's okay to be in a good relationship!!!

Whimsical Wedding - The Bachelorette Party

Okay, so what other wedding events happen before "The Big Day" but after The Bridal Shower, you ask?  Why, the infamous Bachelorette Party, of course!

Now, I had a lovely, thoughtful, stunning, phenomenal group of bridesmaids who know me quite well and know that a rollicking, wild, get-strangers-to-give-you-a-lap-dance event is just not my style. (If that is your style and your partner is cool with it, I say do whatever you want for your bachelorette!  Genitalia-shaped cupcakes are just not a personal preference over here.)

Going a less-than-traditional route for my party meant that they had their work cut out for them for creative ideas and ya'll?  They killed it.

We stayed in a cottage-type motel on a river for the weekend.  They arrived hours before me (I was picked up and jaunted off to our location - I knew basic packing and location info but not much else) and decorated the whole place with signs and pink hearts and GIANT blown-up versions of our engagement photos.  There was a selfie mirror with our wedding hashtag.  There were homemade shirts for all the ladies.  It was perfect!

And then for activities we went mini golfing and swam in the river and played an incredible personalized board game that one of my bridesmaids had CREATED HERSELF that included hilarious stunts, challenges, and even questions about me!  There was a box set up for everyone to write down secret positive memories and notes for me to open at a later date.  There were THEMED COOKIES (without genitalia) for goodness sake!  They coordinated a coffee run in the morning (Goodness knows I love my coffee!), a dinner of potentially my favorite food of all time (homemade mac and cheese!) and even scheduled a brunch in my hometown on Sunday morning so that J (and my mom!) could be involved, too!  Oh, yeah!  And we made a rule that you had to take a sleepy mirror selfie in the morning the first day... ahahaha AMAZING idea that I highly recommend! :-P

It was gorgeous and idyllic and stupid amounts of fun!  Everything was planned out for me down to the last detail and all of my friends got along amazingly, even though they did not all know each other prior.

I am so grateful. It was so fun.  I have the #bestlife.

...You didn't think I'd leave you with just those few photos, did you?  Here are a few more gems from this incredible weekend...

Whimsical Wedding - The Bridal Shower

Okay you guys, so I'm about to go a little crazy with this series and I'm zero percent sorry about it.

Christopher and I are the luckiest humans on the earth, because we've been blessed with the greatest family and best friends two people could ask for, and these folks made not only our wedding itself, but everything leading up to the event, a total success and joy.

And thus, this series was born.  I'm gonna go through all of the events, parties, and details that led up to "the big day" and I'm going to call it "Whimsical Wedding" because I love whimsy and I love weddings so that just seemed right.

To begin?  My bridal shower.

My sister-in-law Lee and our family friend Alison planned and executed the most gorgeous, fun, beautiful shower for me.  The decorations were beyond adorable (pencils with our wedding date on them?!  Amazing!), the food was perfect, and the games *just* present enough without being obnoxious or overwhelming to my often socially anxious self.  Plus, my mom made individual, personalized cakes for each member of the bridal party in attendance (including me! yahoo!) and really what more could a lady ask for?

It was super fun and I felt so lucky to have a great deal of the most important people in my life there to celebrate me and Chris (and J!) and our future together!!

And now? Onto the photos!...

Okay, stappppppp!  Even the silverware is adorable?!
So pink and so ideal!
These sleeves holding the brownies would later match the popcorn containers for the popcorn bar at our wedding.  My mom is too much, honestly. <3
Another call to our wedding - adorable salt & pepper shakers! (More on these in a later post!)
A gorgeous coffee and tea set up that makes it look like I'm wicked ladylike. Thanks for the vote of confidence, friends! ;)
I can't even.
Obligatory outfit pic.
My little cousin and my Aunt!
Please note the apron I'm wearing - honestly the best Bridal Shower game of all time.
My mom (an honorary host, if we're being real here) with Alison and my sister-in-law Lee!
Mama love <3 
Can't resist this little cutie patootie.
OKAY. HOLD THE PHONE.  This is the best thing ever!!!
To be used later for my rehearsal dinner bouquet!  So cute!
I don't know what Lee is announcing here but it looks shocking! ahaha
Opening presents (through the eyes of a little one and her mom's phone :) awww)
Thank God for great friends!
Precious favors, just in case you needed help remembering how CHARMING and PERFECT everything was!
Look at that pencil!  Look at that cake!  I can't handle it, ya'll.
Some of my bridal party lives in far off destinations, but here were the gorgeous ladies who could be at the shower!  So grateful for them <3 

Well, there you have it!  The first of many pieces of my wedding adventure.  Can't wait to share more with you!  If you have any suggestions for subjects you'd like to hear about, or any questions about the shower, let me know!


Okay, so this was supposed to be posted on Friday, September 4th, but I was slightly busy getting ready to get married, so I'm posting it now since it's already written! :)

Friday, Sept. 4: What are you passionate about?


This question actually feels tricky because there could be so many answers.

What am I passionate about?

Well ---

Children.  Faith.  Love.

Yes, but also ---

Theatre and Music and Laughter.

I'm passionate about writing and learning and staying up too late with your girlfriends.

I'm passionate about the sound the leaves make when you crunch them in the autumn.

I'm passionate about big hugs from little kiddos.

I'm passionate about a smile that refuses to leave your face after the perfect compliment.

Sure, it may seem like too many things.  Too long a list.  

But I could go on.

I am very passionate about a lot of things.  Lots of little tiny seemingly meaningless things.

To me, these make up life.  

A life filled with joy and noise and celebration and wildness.

Filled with the smell of cookies baking and the perfect snuggling position and toenails painted in just the right shade of pink.

Filled with snow falls that make time stop and completely checked-off "To Do" lists and just the right amount of creamer left for your coffee.

Filled with finding the perfect birthday card and belting out songs on the highway and that first day in spring when you can finally wear a sundress.

To me, these make up life.

And life?

That might be what I'm passionate about most of all.

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