Dear Life

Dear Vacuum Cleaner Reviewers on Amazon,
Please stop using the "This vacuum SUCKS!" joke. Seriously. Anyone who's actually researching vacuums (AKA this nerd right here) will get irritated by them very very quickly. Just trust me when I say it's not funny when you've read it 57 times.

Dear flowers from my mama,
You're beautiful and I want you to last longer, pretty please!

Dear Miles,
You're a crazy ginger and one of the most hilarious people I know. I'm so glad we're changing the world through theatre arts together.

Dear Brother,
I will dearly hold on to the memory of that one time I beat you in Words with Friends. Because it hasn't happened since. Boo. 

Dear iPhone,
Remember that time when I hated smartphones? Yeah, me either. I'm sorry I ever doubted you.




  1. Flowers from your mom? How lovely. And in WWF it is about master the two and three letter high value word placement. Keep at it, you will be beating your brother in no time. ~Kim

    1. Thanks, Kim! I am working on my WWF skills, but he is just already so good! Alas, I know I will beat him again someday! :)