Dear Life

Dear cooking skills,
Weren't you supposed to just show up one day, now that I'm an adult?  I'm getting tired of the microwave but I've got no game when it comes to recipes.

Dear Stitch fix package,
I literally have been tracking you three times a day, every day since I got my "Your item has been shipped" email.  I AM SO EXCITED TO TRY YOU OUT...And apparently you are arriving early!!!  This just got real.

Dear Nancy Botwin,
I'm excited to learn about what happens to you during Season 8.  Thank you Netflix, for always making my television dreams come true.

Dear Harvey and Eddie,
I love you two.  This video seriously made my morning:

Dear Mom,
I'm so glad you were able to come over and check out the new place this week.  It was wonderful and I'm glad you got to spend some time with Christopher and J!



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  1. Ummm...... immediately I've signed up for "Stitch Fix" -- WHAT A MAGICAL THING!!!!!! <3