Dear Life,

Dear Christopher,
It's your birthday tomorrow!  I'm really bad at gifts but I hope I can still manage to help make it a good one for you.  You deserve that and much more. <3

Dear Gmail Inbox,
I completely cleared you out today.  It took a million years but I adore seeing "Inbox (0)" instead of "Inbox (7049)".  Thank the Lord I finally got THAT task finished.

Dear Giant Refrigerator that Miles and I made out of paper today,
I love you.  You're epic.  Thank you for making a productive day at work so fun.

Dear Bryan Duff,
You were an absolutely amazing teacher.  I found an old email from you today and I hope that you are indeed pursuing your dream of opening a charter school in New York!  I hope you know that you really made a serious impact on your students at Bennington.

Dear New Vacuum,
I am obsessed with you.  I had no idea what was missing from my life until tonight.  Wowzer!


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