Old (Facebook) Friends

One of the strangest things in the world is examining someone's social networking website.  Particularly anyone you were once very close to (friends, ex-partners, family, etc.) but are no longer.

Seriously bizarre.

I did that very thing with an ex-boyfriend this morning, because I had an elaborate dream last night in which he was a character (a bad guy, for any of you sassafrasses out there -nothing scandalous) and, since I hadn't thought about him in ages, I figured I'd check in (but silently and without letting him know I was doing it, like a proper creeper).

Let me tell you --- Wowzer, that's weird.

It is so strange to look into the life of someone who's no longer present in yours.

To realize how much they've potentially changed, or haven't, and that you honestly have no clue either way.

In this particular instance it wasn't that I was sad about it, per say, but it was definitely a bittersweet experience because it made me recall a totally different time in my life.

It's so strange to look back on the way your life has twisted and turned into where you are now - and especially to acknowledge the reality that not every person you cared for has stayed with you through it.

And it's scary because it makes me think about the fact that the people who are so dear to me now could be my future facebook creeping material.

Of course, I can't think that way or I'll live as an obsessive paranoid person, but it is intense to get that reality check every once in awhile.

But ultimately I am thankful because it reminds me to intentionally cherish, to express and feel gratitude, and to take the time in my life every day to love those around me, right now, as much as possible.

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