Stitch Fix #1 Review!

Okay, so I have been SO EXCITED about Stitchfix since I first heard about the company a few months back!

Basically, it's a personal styling service where you fill out a questionnaire about your style preferences (Do you hate certain colors/patterns?  Do you prefer classic styles vs edgy styles?  Are you a mom?  etc.etc.) and then pay a $20 "styling fee" to the company.  Easy Peasy.  Then all you do is schedule when you'd like to receive your BOX OF FIVE AWESOME PIECES OF CLOTHING!  And they come right to your house!!!  And you decide if you like them/they suit you and your life/closet/boyfriend/etc.  If you don't like something, you mail it back (after three days, so you have time to decide!) in the provided and already paid for mailing envelope.  Check out online - if you buy something, the $20 styling fee is credit towards your purchase - and provide feedback on all items, whether you liked them or not.

Bing, bang, boom.  Awesomesauce.  For realsies.

So now that the boring explanatory stuff is out of the way, here is a chronicle of my first Stitchfix experience:

This is a legit photo of me trying to high-five Christopher in excitement!

An added bonus?  The beautiful packaging!  Also, it matches our sheets!  #bam!

First glance of my stuff!

List of items, descriptions, and prices!

Please excuse my awkward variety of faces...

  • Tulle Julien Striped Shoulder Tie Dress, $58.00

I love Tulle, but this dress just did NOT work for me - it hung off me without showing any semblance of my shape.
Verdict?: Sent Back.

  • BCBGeneration Poppy Patterned Dress, $78.00

The fit on this dress was GREAT, but I wasn't crazy about the pattern and I'd like to avoid dresses with long sleeves, since it's almost summer!  Comfortable and cute, though, I just wasn't crazy about it.
Verdict?:  Sent Back.

  • Everly Mineh Cat Print Tab Sleeve Top, $58.00

I actually loved the feel, fit, and adorable buttons on this!  HOWEVER...I am not a cat person.  Like, not at all.  I'm allergic and also all cats hate me.  So I don't think I could wear a shirt like this without feeling like a big phonypants.
Verdict?: Sent Back.

  • Angie Picasso Geo Print Cotton Cardigan, $68.00

So comfortable!?  Awesome fit!?  A cute pattern that I never would've picked out on my own, but that I love AND goes with a bunch of things in my closet?!  Yes, please!
Verdict?: KEPT!!!

  • Kensie Charlie Star Print Cropped Skinny Jeans, $88.00

Truth is, I LOVED these jeans!  They were super super comfortable (and this is coming from a person who mostly hates all pants) and I loved the pattern!  In fact, I liked the photo of these on Instagram and commented saying I'd love them in my Fix, so I was really hoping they were coming!  And I would've bought them in an instant, but I had the problem that I often have with jeans, which is that the fit was just not 100% right.  And for cropped jeans that are the most expensive item in my fix AND that I can only wear for certain seasons?  I just couldn't justify it.  But not because I didn't LOVE them, let's just make that clear right away!
Verdict?: Sent Back.

Styling my cardigan with a dress, since that's what I wear the majority of the time.  Still love it!!!

Each item comes with a card that has a description of the item on one side...

...And some photos of ways to style the item on the other!  So awesome!!!

So so excited about this!!! 

So, as it turns out, I LOVED my fix!  I only bought one item (my wallet is thrilled about this) but I'm really excited about the fact that you get to try on everything with the other items in your closest, and that it forces you to try things you might not pick up at the store --- this cardigan is a perfect example of that, but I love it on!  I'm actually wearing it right now!

Also, the quality of the items is awesome - it's clear that these things are not going to wear out quickly, which is important as I'm trying to have a more "adult" closet, with items that will last, rather than cheaper items that will stretch or rip after a few wears.

I hope you all will try Stitchfix!  This post is zero percent sponsored, I just love them and wanted to review my first fix!  However - full disclosure -  if you use the links in this post rather than Googling to find the website, I will earn credit.

No pressure.  Use it or don't.  I'm just excited to tell you all about this awesome service!!!  I will definitely be doing this again soon myself!

Tata for now!


  1. This is an excellent review!! The Tulle dress just needed a skinny little belt and perfecto! (Then again I'm a belt addict). And that cat shirt was ADORABLE on you! But I understand that some people have no emotions and therefore hate cats; but never fear, one day you will love the no-allergy cat Tim buys me and puts in my Christmas stocking. Loved the jeans too but agree - if it ain't a perfect fit it ain't worth it!
    Finally, you absolutely rocked that cardigan. It's too too awesome.
    Excellent job narrowing it all down. I can't wait to try this but I may need to buy a U-Haul storage pod to put on the roof!

    1. I wish I could do the belt thing, but I just have no skills (also no belts). Generally belting just looks weird on me for some reason.

      I know, I loved the cat shirt! And it was so comfortable!!! But literally I have been scratched by cats more than I've been loved by cats, so I figured it would've been disingenuous to own it, haha. And the jeans were AWESOME and ADORABLE but I just couldn't justify the price for pants that weren't a perfect fit.

      I'm so excited to see what you get! You HAVE to at least share with me!!!

  2. I want to fight you through the internet for that cat shirt! I think that would be my biggest critique of Stitch Fix is that I would love the option to be able to request certain pieces.

    Love that cardigan! I mean this as a compliment, but it very much reminds me of one of Levar Burton's sweaters on 'Reading Rainbow'.

    1. Never would I ever find anything relating to the brilliance that was "Reading Rainbow" to be an insult.

      (Also, thank you! My friend Christine, when she got a Stitch Fix, requested a "cat shirt" in her fix and ended up getting, and purchasing, that one!)