Not the Plan

I have to say, dating a single dad was never in my plans.  Nope.  Negative.  No, thank you.

I mean, I love children - hanging out with people under the age of 18 is literally in my job description - but there's something VERY different about inviting a child who is not biologically connected to you into your life for potentially forever.

It's not bad, it's just not something that most 24-year-olds have in their life goals or dreams for the future.

So I think it's understandable to say that Christopher was not in my planbook.

And yet... it happened.  Which I would assume you know from the fact that this blog has his name (and sometimes even his handsome face) all over it.  Perhaps one day I will try to synthesize "our story," but for now suffice it to say that we fell in love.  I fell in love with a man who had a seven (now eight!) year old daughter.

I just want to get this out of the way: Sometimes it is HARD to date a man who has a child.  I may come across as super selfish and awful by saying that, but it just is.  Sometimes I want Chris' attention and I need to wait before I can have it.  Sometimes I want to watch my TV show in the living room and I can't (never did I ever pay attention to television ratings until now).  Sometimes I want to sleep soundly but the school calls at 5am to say that it's a snow day.

Those things are a pain.  They are.  I'm not trying to get all "I'm a martyr" up in here, but sometimes I want to be selfish and I have to use real energy and real patience not to be.

But you know what?  Sometimes I'm having a bad day and I come home to a phenomenal man and a wonderful young lady smiling at me when I walk through the door.  Sometimes I get out my cell phone at parties to show people photos of the absolutely creative and brilliant things J has been making out of cardboard and tape and markers that week.  Sometimes I forget how awesome the world is until I get to watch the man I love explaining something amazing to his daughter.

It may never have been my dream but I know that right now, in my life, in these unpredictable circumstances - I am so blessed.  And for that I am extremely grateful.


  1. Sounds like you have a guy who is great for you, and a little girl who's awesome too! I only wish to be so lucky someday :)

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you for reading!

      And I'm SURE that you'll be just as lucky someday - I checked out your blog (I see that you're a Stitch Fix-er yourself, haha!) and you seem just lovely. <3

      Thank you again!