Engagement Photos: Yes? No? Maybe? (Alternative Title: Holy Goodness Gracious How Are These Photos Even REAL?!)

Oh, hey.

So I realize that my last post was in March.  And I was a little stressed out and a little whiny.

And I realize that lots and lots of things have happened since then.

AND I REALIZE THAT I AM GETTING MARRIED TO MY FAVORITE HUMAN BEING IN LESS THAN A MONTH!!!  Oh my gosh!!!  Heart eye emojis all over the place!!!  And, for the record, I am still a little stressed out and a little whiny, hence the lack of real content on here since then.

HOWEVER... We've gotta talk about something, friends.

In June, Christopher and I had our engagement photo session. Honestly, it's not something I would've necessarily chosen to do, personally - not that I don't love getting my picture taken (I do, but more on that later) it's just that...I don't know, it doesn't necessarily seem, well, necessary.

But it came with our wedding package so it wouldn't be an additional cost to us and our photographer strongly recommended it.

And that, my friends, is where Laura Marie Duncan was right and I was very, very, wrong.

Sitting at the spot in the theatre where Christopher proposed
ALRIGHT YA'LL, so no one will be surprised to hear that I love getting my picture taken (I am an actress, after all) but I was worried about my shy guy Christopher feeling a bit jittery or nervous or awkward or goodness knows what. BUT OH HOW THE TABLES TURNED, MY FRIENDS.  When the day came, who was completely happy and comfortable? Mr. Savage.  And who was awkward and nervous?  This girl.

But you know what???  It didn't seem to matter.  Our photographer Laura Marie - who I would literally recommend to everyone that I know on the earth, and also everyone I don't know - made us feel super comfortable and even made my awkwardness look adorable in photography form. Don't ask me how she did it, but she is a star. And hilarious, kind, and theatre-knowledgeable to boot!

Who needs torsos when you have a photo like this?
She took photos of Christopher and I in the place we met and the exact spot he proposed. She took photos of us next to a random upturned piano that we found on our walk around the park.  She took photos of us laughing uncontrollably, and gazing happily, and doing all sorts of nausea-inducing things that couples in love do.  And I love every. single. one.
I'm not exaggerating, people.

Laura Marie sent us an album - titled "grady and chris (i will)" just in case I wasn't already tearing up before even opening the email -  with almost 200 photos and there was not one that was a "bad pic."  When we narrowed down the ones to post on facebook (because I draw the line for number of posted engagement photos at "86" apparently) we had to be BRUTAL about every detail of the photo, because otherwise all hundred and ninety something would've been up there.

Like STAAAAAAHP. I can't, you guys. <3 
It was an awesome experience and I would highly recommend it to any couple about to get married. 

But, why?

Is it great to have these PERFECT, PROFESSIONAL photos of us?  Absolutely!

Did it help me get extra excited for "the big day"?  Sure did!

But mostly, it gave Chris and I the opportunity to get to know our photographer - in real life, as a real person. A person who would be capturing our day for us!  She taught us little secret hand gestures and lingo, so now we'll be ahead of the game come September, but mostly we got to just vibe with her for awhile *and* we got drool/swoon/pass-out-on-the-ground worthy photos of us in the process!

I couldn't have asked for more, ya'll.
Do an engagement session. You won't regret it.
P.S.  I mean it, do yourself a favor and follow Laura Marie on every social media site she has. Facebook? Twitter? Instagram?  I promise, you will regret NOTHING.

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