The Stepmom Letters: Adventures with Siri

Dear J,

I don't know why,  but you absolutely love talking to Siri.

Okay, I take that back. I know exactly why -- because Siri is sassy and hilarious and entertaining and has the weirdest responses and we love her.

We spent a good half hour last night asking questions (anywhere from the classic "Siri, what's 0 divided by 0?" to the ever creative "Siri, what does 'Siri' mean?").

And my goodness, that machine can make you laugh more than anything!

Well, that and putting a coat hanger around your face... And watching me hide under a laundry basket...  And trying to attack me through said laundry basket... Okay, I guess a lot of things make you laugh!

We had a few bumps in the road this week with the transition back, but that makes me all the more grateful for our simple, fun, hilarious moments together.

And you know what, kid?

I love you.  And just in case you need to hear it again - I love you.

I love your forgiving spirit.  I love your sense of humor.  I love your fashion sense (I have literally only ever seen you wear your "On Saturdays We Wear Glitter" shirt on week days).  I love the creative questions you manage to come up with to ask the robot in my pocket.  I love your sassiness... most of the time. Although, to be fair, I can't really complain since I'm to blame for the majority of it anyway...

I'm glad you're home.  I'm glad we can have so much fun.  I'm glad to know you.

I love you, lady.

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