Okay, so this was supposed to be posted on Friday, September 4th, but I was slightly busy getting ready to get married, so I'm posting it now since it's already written! :)

Friday, Sept. 4: What are you passionate about?


This question actually feels tricky because there could be so many answers.

What am I passionate about?

Well ---

Children.  Faith.  Love.

Yes, but also ---

Theatre and Music and Laughter.

I'm passionate about writing and learning and staying up too late with your girlfriends.

I'm passionate about the sound the leaves make when you crunch them in the autumn.

I'm passionate about big hugs from little kiddos.

I'm passionate about a smile that refuses to leave your face after the perfect compliment.

Sure, it may seem like too many things.  Too long a list.  

But I could go on.

I am very passionate about a lot of things.  Lots of little tiny seemingly meaningless things.

To me, these make up life.  

A life filled with joy and noise and celebration and wildness.

Filled with the smell of cookies baking and the perfect snuggling position and toenails painted in just the right shade of pink.

Filled with snow falls that make time stop and completely checked-off "To Do" lists and just the right amount of creamer left for your coffee.

Filled with finding the perfect birthday card and belting out songs on the highway and that first day in spring when you can finally wear a sundress.

To me, these make up life.

And life?

That might be what I'm passionate about most of all.

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