So Grateful.

It's 3am on the eve of my wedding - the day of my wedding technically, I suppose - and I am still awake.

I'm not awake because of nerves or fears or doubts or anything like that.

But because of friends who'll chat with you for an hour while you shower and pamper and use crest white strips even though it's 1:30 in the morning and you should for sure be sleeping.

Because of friends who stayed up way too late themselves helping tie tiny bows onto tiny programs.

Because of friends who will venture into a giant barn in the middle of the night to help make sure everything is just so.

Because of friends who are family and who have been all along.

My bridesmaids presented me with an incredible handmade book of letters tonight - one from each of them, and from my future mother-in-law, and from my mother, and from my sweetheart, too!

I'm sorry, ladies, because you didn't want me to stay up too late reading them, but you also know me so well that you already knew I would.

And so here I am - sitting on the end of the bed in this incredible farmhouse you've shared with us for the past few days - holding back tears of joy as I try to process why in the world I was blessed with not only an incredible man who I get to marry tomorrow, but also the greatest people on earth to call my friends.

I am so grateful. I know saying it here won't mean much, but thank you. Thank you for making this day (and this weekend, and honestly this life) so special. Thank you for loving me and Chris and Jess in innumerable and incredible ways. 

I can never repay you all for the kindness and love you've shown, but I do promise to try.

I do.

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