My Whimsical Wedding - The Bachelorette Party

Okay, so what other wedding events happen before "The Big Day" but after The Bridal Shower, you ask?  Why, the infamous Bachelorette Party, of course!

Now, I had a lovely, thoughtful, stunning, phenomenal group of bridesmaids who know me quite well and know that a rollicking, wild, get-strangers-to-give-you-a-lap-dance event is just not my style. (If that is your style and your partner is cool with it, I say do whatever you want for your bachelorette!  Genitalia-shaped cupcakes are just not a personal preference over here.)

Going a less-than-traditional route for my party meant that they had their work cut out for them for creative ideas and ya'll?  They killed it.

We stayed in a cottage-type motel on a river for the weekend.  They arrived hours before me (I was picked up and jaunted off to our location - I knew basic packing and location info but not much else) and decorated the whole place with signs and pink hearts and GIANT blown-up versions of our engagement photos.  There was a selfie mirror with our wedding hashtag.  There were homemade shirts for all the ladies.  It was perfect!

And then for activities we went mini golfing and swam in the river and played an incredible personalized board game that one of my bridesmaids had CREATED HERSELF that included hilarious stunts, challenges, and even questions about me!  There was a box set up for everyone to write down secret positive memories and notes for me to open at a later date.  There were THEMED COOKIES (without genitalia) for goodness sake!  They coordinated a coffee run in the morning (Goodness knows I love my coffee!), a dinner of potentially my favorite food of all time (homemade mac and cheese!) and even scheduled a brunch in my hometown on Sunday morning so that J (and my mom!) could be involved, too!  Oh, yeah!  And we made a rule that you had to take a sleepy mirror selfie in the morning the first day... ahahaha AMAZING idea that I highly recommend! :-P

It was gorgeous and idyllic and stupid amounts of fun!  Everything was planned out for me down to the last detail and all of my friends got along amazingly, even though they did not all know each other prior.

I am so grateful. It was so fun.  I have the #bestlife.

...You didn't think I'd leave you with just those few photos, did you?  Here are a few more gems from this incredible weekend...

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