New Year's Morning Tradition

New Year's Day is one of my favorite "dates" that Christopher and I have all year.  Technically this is a family event, but there's something so special and romantic about watching the sunrise with someone, so I think it still counts! ;)

We wake up early-early-early on New Year's Day, bundle up in our warmest clothes (New England winter mornings are no joke, ya'll!), and drive in the early morning light to the ocean.

Once there, we meet up with Christopher's parents, siblings, and their children on the beach and we stand together, light a candle, and watch the very first sun rise of the year.

We rehash the previous year and chat and joke and laugh and plan and enjoy spending time together.  We take photos of the amazing view and of our families and of each other.

2014 - my first time participating in this tradition! <3 

Everyone's freezing and everyone's sleepy and everyone is happy.

Afterwards we warm up by going to a local diner and eating together before we separate and go on with the rest of the day.

It's such a simple tradition and I've only been a part of it for the past two years, but it's something I now really look forward to, and especially look forward to this year as it'll be our first New Years as a married couple. <3

I'm so grateful for this early morning tradition and I think that even if you don't have a large family that does this, it'd be an amazing thing for couples to do together - it truly starts your year together off beautifully!

First morning of 2015!

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