1 Second Everyday

I'm a person who LOVES memory keeping and documenting - I've just always been the type (even as a little kid) who was naturally nostalgic. I never want to forget the important things in life - even the little ones!

This year I have taken up two practices to help with my memory-keeping habits --- making a scrapbook using a scrapbooking app on my phone and 1 Second Everyday.

I'm pretty sure you all know what scrapbooking is (hah!) but 1 Second Everyday is this incredible app (they don't know I exist, by the way, I just love it and wanted to share it with you all here!) where you film one second of your day every day and the app will put your shots together into a short movie that captures your daily life.

I chose to video "the little things" whenever possible - hanging out with Jess, drinking delicious coffee, holding my nephew, laughing with my husband and my friends - and I am so pleased with my results so far.

I started this adventure on January 1st of this year and I'm excited to see what my movie ends up looking like by the end of 2016!

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