My Whimsical Wedding - The Rehearsal Dinner

One of the best parts of our whole wedding experience (besides marrying each other, duh, but that's a given!) was how much our friends and family really rallied with us to make everything awesome!  And our rehearsal dinner was no exception!

What do you mean not everyone has a special Bride & Groom dress and shirt for their rehearsal dinner? :) 

Christopher and I wanted a casual, fun, rehearsal dinner experience.  Just a nice time to break bread and hang out with the people we're closest to before the big day!

I can't with how cute this is, ya'll.
We were so so incredibly lucky that my aunt and uncle, who are local to the area where we got married, offered to host it for us. They went completely overboard making it just the most darling, perfect, delicious evening!

In case you're wondering, I have a slight obsession with bunting...
We opted to just grab a bunch of pizzas for dinner - it's simple, fairly inexpensive if you can get a local place to give you a great deal, low maintenance, AND an added bonus? You can eat the leftovers for breakfast the morning of the wedding! Boom!!!

My adorable groom
In addition to the pizzas, though, we had a ton more food!  Sides, drinks, AND the most adorable and delicious desserts you've ever seen!  We were so super spoiled it's not even funny.

Jess and I also had a selfie session, of course!  Most of the photos were silly faces but we did manage ONE smiling one! Hah!
They even had an entire space set up like a perfect parking lot out front, so it was SO EASY for guests who were attending to know where to go and where to park.

Perfect ending to an amazing evening 
And in addition?  They had completely decorated the place with the exact aesthetic I love - there was bunting in our wedding colors (pink and grey), tiny pink wheelbarrows with our names on them, cookies served in decorative pink striped packaging, a fire pit with places to sit surrounding it, and even a homemade pizza heater for when you want to reheat a slice!

One of my Maids of Honor, Chelsea, marveling at the pizza warmer ;) 
It was amazing and perfect and fun and so full of love. I'm so thankful to everyone in my life for helping make even the day BEFORE our wedding so magical!

Did you have (or are you planning to have) a rehearsal dinner?  What did you decide to do?  Let me know in the comments below! :)

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