Taking Stock: January

After seeing these posts on my fabulous friend Anna's page months and months ago, I haven't been able to get them out of my mind!  So here we are, at the end of the first January of 2016, and I'm going to be taking stock of life in my world.

Making: googly eyes at that photo of my nephew Aiden, above. I mean, seriously could he get any cuter?
Cooking: ...hah! Honestly Chris does most of the cooking around these parts.
Drinking: these Gevalia Cappuccino K-Cups. It is literally a can't stop, won't stop situation over here. No, for real. I have a mug of this in my hand as we speak.
Reading: Wonder by R. J. Palacio. (Thanks, Becky!)
Wanting: a nice, long nap!
Looking: up venues for my friend Megan's wedding and places for my friend Becky's Bachelorette party!
Playing: the Hamilton album on my phone. Probably way too close to 24/7 for comfort.
Wasting: as little time as possible.
Sewing: ...nothing, YET. But I got a sewing machine from my sweet sister-in-law for our wedding and I hope that someday I'll actually have a minute to sit down and use it!
Wishing: it was warmer in here! Or that I was hanging out with my friends again like I did earlier this month - such a blast!
Enjoying: how teeny tiny Aiden is - I know it doesn't last nearly long enough.
Waiting: for time to finish my scrapbook pages from last week.
Liking: light pink nail polish.
Wondering: how many consecutive times I can listen to an album before it's considered an inappropriate obsession.
Loving: my husband, my stepdaughter, and our little family.
Hoping: I continue to get cast in shows this year!
Marveling: at how fast kiddos grow up. Since when did I give Jess permission to have a fashion sense?!
Needing: nothing, really. :) 
Smelling: coffee! coffee! coffee! (Yum!)
Wearing: my brand new personalized hoodie - I seriously feel too cool for school in this thing.
Following: @MaraWritesStuff on twitter. Highly recommend if you enjoy snark and former child stars who aren't terrible.
Noticing: more and more of "the little things."
Knowing: that sometimes it's good to just slow down for awhile.
Thinking: about next month's budget! You know you're a nerd when you daydream about budget meeting night.
Bookmarking: the Stepmom Magazine home page. It's on my computer 100% of the time, honestly.
Opening: my package from amazon tonight! It has the Epic Blog: One Year Editorial Planner in it! I'm so stoked, ya'll!
Feeling: stoked, of course! ;) <3 

What about you? How did your January go?  
Are you taking stock of your life this month, too?  Feel free to share your URL below!

*This post contains amazon affiliate links. If you're not comfortable using them, no worries! Just google the products separately and you should be able to easily find the items! :) 

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