Gettysburg Trip

Over Jess' winter break this year we had the awesome pleasure and privilege of taking our first full-family road trip!  We went from our home in New Hampshire down to Gettysburg, PA to visit Daphne, Jessica's half-sister, and to see Daphne's killer performance as Hermia in her college production of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream.'

To start, I am a huge theme-party nerd, so of course I took this as an opportunity for the family to have matching road trip t-shirts! (A road trip totally counts as a party, right???) So we packed up a cooler with beverages, a duffle bag with snacks, donned our matching shirts, and hit the road!

Along the way, it's Christopher and my road trip tradition to stop at strange landmarks, and this trip was no exception.  On our way to Pennsylvania, we chose to stop at a giant Muffler Man statue and a marker (through a graveyard, under an overpass) that let you touch 3 states at once. Because, you know, why not?

And Gettysburg itself was wonderful! Daphne was an amazing tour guide - showing us around the battlefields (such a surreal experience), telling us what places we should eat (The Ugly Mug and The Lincoln Diner ftw!), and giving the ultimate recommendation of visiting the Cyclorama at the visitors center - an absolutely stunning, emotional, unreal painting of the Battle at Gettysburg. I also made it my personal mission to take photos with as many Abe Lincoln statues as possible.

And, of course, we all just LOVED spending time with Daphne.  She is such a wonderful young woman and Jess adores her, so it was amazing to get so much time to just hang out and chat!  And her show? It was really wonderful. She was (completely unsurprisingly) phenomenal, but the production itself was also a great take on the show, while still keeping the roots of the story intact. Really lovely work.

Clearly Jess didn't have any fun at all...😂

I texted this to Daphne from the lobby because that's just who I am... Ahahaha

After a few days with Ms. Daphne, it was time for us to head home. We jumped in the car early Saturday morning and spent the rest of the day cruising, chatting, and blasting Hamilton.  Honestly our trip couldn't have been better, and I hope we make it down to visit Gettysburg again soon!

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