My Whimsical Wedding - The Bridesmaids

As if I haven't already made this abundantly clear here (and HERE, which I wrote literally in my jammies on the eve of my wedding!) my bridal party was absolutely, beyond words amazing.

So yes, I realize I say it all the time but it truly bears repeating over and over and over again - I was the absolute luckiest, most blessed bride.  Every single one of my ladies made me feel loved and appreciated AND they were just plain fun to have around on such a momentous day!

SO... I couldn't have this post be just about their outfits (though, of course, I'll tell you all about those, too!) it also had to be about how flippin' awesome they all are!

To start off, YES. I had a large bridal party!  9 bridesmaids!!!  Or, if we're going to get technical here, two Maids of Honor, six Bridesmaids, and one Jr. Bridesmaid.  I totally support and acknowledge the fact that this is NOT everyone's style, but for me it was perfect!  Six close friends, two sisters-in-law (who are also my friends, duh!), and my (future) stepdaughter!  Honestly I couldn't have asked for a dreamier dream team.  This group got along wonderfully, worked together, and each brought something special to the table. <3 I was so happy and excited and proud to have them stand by my side and I hope they felt the same!

As far as outfits, I chose a simple a-line pink dress (with pockets!) for the group.  I wanted something simple, universally figure-flattering (fun fact: one of my sisters-in-law was 6 months pregnant and LEGIT YOU COULD NOT TELL IN THIS DRESS), inexpensive, and it was especially important to me that whatever I chose would not look ridiculous or inappropriate on an 11-year-old, because Jess wanted to wear the same dress as the other ladies!  Also, I knew I wanted pink because...I'm me. :-P

I ended up settling on a Fleet Collection number that everyone seemed to like well enough. I have a few women in my group who are not big on pink, but I think the peachy tone of this dress made it  *slightly* better in their eyes :-P

As far as shoes went, I'm pretty sure I just posted on our private facebook group (if you're a bride-to-be, DO THIS for your bridal party! So easy and fun!) that if they could get nude/cream/blush shoes, that'd be awesome. I suggested not choosing heels, since the ceremony was outside, but said something along the lines of "honestly if you can walk in 'em, go for it!"

My Maids of Honor seeing me in my dress <3 
These women brought me snacks so I wouldn't pass out, helped me into my dress, laughed with me, cried with me, and just generally made me feel so incredibly loved.  I can't say thank you enough, but I'm going to make my best attempt anyway...

My maid of honor.  My friend since forever.  My "I'll be the bad guy so you don't have to." 
My endless enthusiasm.  My "Consider Yourself At Home."
Thank you.

My Maid of Honor.  My BFFL.  My "Yes I'll do your makeup, I'll just wing it (& it's gorgeous)."
My Hopeless Romantic.  My "Consider Yourself One of the Family"
Thank you.

My Sister Wife.  My forever roommate.  My "I made a daily alphabet countdown for you."
My 100% positive.  My TGFY endlessly.
Thank you.

 My through-it-all.  The "eddi" in my Greddi.  My "I literally can not, will not stop BEAMING!"
My "When She Danced" partner.  My Dunkin Donuts Daughter. 
Thank you.

My superhero.  My 72 Hours Until Madness.  My "I'm going to work hours on projects just for you."
My endlessly creative.  My "we don't have to talk, to talk."
Thank you.

My stage (life) manager.  My venting buddy.  My "I know you'll forget to eat so I brought Reeses."
My pragmatic partner-in-crime.  My pink Darwin's shirt.
Thank you.

My new sister.  My fellow feminist.  My "I will help with anything you need, just call."
My #BestSavageLife.  My open arms into a new family.
Thank you.

My sister.  My constant cheerleader.  My "You can make me last for EVERYTHING, seriously."
My strong, selfless warrior.  My patient response to every. single. teeny. tiny. question.
Thank you.

My brand new family.  My silly, sweet stepdaughter.  My "I'm way too old to be a flower girl."
My candy choosing helper.  My answer to prayers I didn't know I was asking.
Thank you.

These Women
My confidants.  My adventurers.  My best friends.
Thank you for everything.
I love you.

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All photos by the ridiculously amazing Laura Marie Duncan Photography

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