Ready for March

Wow, ya'll!  WHAT A FEBRUARY!!!

Within the past month we...
-Randomly found a house ad online.
-Toured the house. Loved the house. Applied to rent the house. Got accepted to rent the house!
-Packed up all of our belongings (something we had ZERO plans to do prior to this). Helped an 11-year-old pack all of her belongings. Begged family to rally and help us with trucks, and muscles, and cookies! (And they did! We have the best family members, truly ❤️ Thanks Mom and Dad and Savage family and friends!)
-Mid-move we took our (scheduled long-before-this) road trip from NH to PA!
-And now? We're finishing up the craziness and hopefully it'll be a smooth transition into March in our new place!!!

We'll return back to our regularly scheduled programming later this week, but I wanted to give you all an update! It's going well, and we are so happy, it's just been wild around here!! 

Talk soon!

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