Taking Stock: February (Road Trip Edition!)

After my first Taking Stock post last month, I knew I had to make it a habit to check-in with myself and with you all about where I'm at for the month :). For the record, I am literally in the passenger seat of our Prius right now traveling home after a wonderful road trip we took this week - more on that in another post! So, without further ado -- February!

Making: my own Dunkin Donuts iced coffee at the very random "Dunkin Donuts Express" a half hour ago!
Cooking: absolutely still nothing.
Drinking: my best attempt at a "large iced coffee, caramel swirl, milk & sugar" hah!
Reading: the Bible for Lent.
Wanting: our trip to be longer.
Looking: at all the hilarious photos of me with a variety of Abraham Lincoln statues. :-P
Playing: Hamilton over and over and over. #notsorry
Wasting: all the time I can hanging out with my family and LOVING it.
Sewing: ...nothing. Although it would be super impressive if I could sew in
Wishing: today could last forever!
Enjoying: so much history in Gettysburg! You've gotta be KIDDING me with that Cyclorama!!
Waiting: for the song 'Guns & Ships' to come on again!
Liking: this blanket. The sunlight. Our giant bag of car snacks.
Wondering: what adventures March will bring!
Loving: my husband, my stepdaughter, her sister, and our crazy, complicated, beautiful family.
Hoping: the rest of our transition into our new house goes well!
Marveling: at how fast time goes by. The years are amazing but OH MY GOSH, time is flying by!
Needing: nothing, really. :) 
Smelling: coffee! #best
Wearing: Gettysburg College sweatpants! SO COMFY!!!
Following: the presidential race closely - something about being from New Hampshire makes me feel very responsible for the race.
Noticing: how well Jess memorized song lyrics!
Knowing: that I should probably taking a nap. (And that I probably won't...)
Thinking: Pennslyvania should have more rest stops!
Bookmarking: everything I can find about Lin Manuel-Miranda and/or Hamilton.
Opening: the doors to our place (officially) in just a few days!
Feeling: very grateful and very tired. <3 

What about you? How did your February go?  
Are you taking stock of your life this month, too?  Feel free to share your URL below!

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