The Five Things I'm Learning While Moving

Hey ya'll!

So this post is to both pre-apologize for why it may be a bit quiet over here lately AND to warn you that the next few posts will likely contain no beautiful, well-curated, edited photos and instead will probably be of the quick iPhone pic variety.


Because... We're moving!

Yup.  Our little family is moving from our current apartment into a new, adorable duplex!  Same town, same square footage - BUT much better location and a place with STAIRS!!!  Honestly, what more could you want? (Call me easy to please, that's fine, but I'm so stoked you guys!)


True confessions:  I work for a moving company.  I literally spend 40 hours a week helping people prepare for their moves.  That being said, I assumed (as I suppose anyone in my position would) that I would be KILLER at this moving thing.  Piece of cake, am I right ladies?  I literally do this every day.

Well...Nope.  Turns out when it's YOU that's moving, there's a lot to learn.  But I figured why not share the tidbits I've gathered along the way?  And so, here they are:  The Five Things I'm Learning While Moving...

#1. Weed through your stuff
Okay, so this is a CLASSIC moving tip, and one that I've given out to customers countless times, but when it came to me?  Totally easier said than done.  I never thought the phrase "But what if I NEED this shoebox someday?" would be a thought that ran through both mine and my stepdaughter's minds on separate occasions, but here we are.  Going through your things before you bring them into your space is not only ideal but pretty essential. That way your unpacking is way less stressful and you know you're only bringing things you love or need into your new space.

#2.  If you can, keep cleaning supplies in both locations
We have been so fortunate to be able to begin moving into our new place halfway through this month, which means we are able to go back and forth between locations as many times as necessary for the next few weeks.  This is great.  This has been amazing.  But MAN, it's been key that we packed some cleaning supplies to be at the new house while we kept duplicates at the old place and it has been SO helpful.  We do not have to constantly keep lugging things back and forth and we've already used cleansing cloths, multi-surface cleaner, and microfiber towels in both places.  Oh!  And hand soap and toilet paper, ya'll!  You do NOT want to be without those in either place!

Trust me when I saw that this is the MOST organized part of our apartment right now...

#3.  You will wish you started packing sooner
The minute we knew we were moving, I started packing.  I'm just that type - I get excited and I want things to move quickly.  Needless to say, I literally could not have started packing sooner unless I was some kind of psychic, but I still wish I somehow had because we are just a few days from moving our bigger furniture items and I feel like we are never going to get it all done.  I know we will, I know it will all get done one way or another but MAN, it's still overwhelming!  So if you KNOW your move is six months away, I'm not kidding - start right now. I can promise you won't regret it.

#4.  Ask for help (or if you're me: Accept help.)
If you're anything like me, you hate asking people for things.  I always have and I probably always will.  I prefer to take care of things independently so I'm really quite terrible at asking for help.  The good news for me is that my friends and family know that about me, and have offered so much help to us, it's incredible.  Help can mean actually carrying things for the move, but it can also mean hanging out with Jess while we work, or lending us a car, or sending a pizza our way while we pack!  People will want to help, and even if they can't help with the physical moving portion, there are other ways to get assistance. Accept it when it's offered!

First family selfie in the new place!
#5.  Get excited!
The craziness of a move can mean that you shut out the exciting parts in favor of the logistics. Don't!  Take selfies in your new place, nerdily text your friends about all of the features, call your parents to come over and see the (completely empty!) location!  (Why yes, I did do all of those things...)  Remember that at the end of this hard work you're going to be in a brand new place with brand new possibilities!  When I'm feeling overwhelmed standing in the middle of our extremely disheveled apartment, I take a minute and go talk to my family about the things we're excited about for our new home.  It really does make my outlook a little brighter and my heart rate a little slower ;)

Happy Moving!

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