Gradybird Grades...The EveryDollar Budgeting App (a review)


So if you've met me for any period of time, the truth may have come out about my strange secret... I love budgeting.

No, seriously.

I couldn't tell you exactly why, but all through my adult life (and quite a bit of my childhood too, if we're being honest here) I have totally nerded out about it.  

You guys. The year I turned 21 my mom got me a Bill Organizer for Christmas. And I was thrilled. (Yup, it's that bad.)

Okay so I've budgeted for years, right? And when Christopher and I were engaged we even did a few practice budgets to see how our budgeting would change once we got married and combined our finances. (No, we did not combine before we got married - homie don't play that.)

I spent LITERAL YEARS perfecting my pen-and-paper budget method and I was freaking good at it, thank you very much! So when the time came to do our first ACTUAL MARRIED (EEK!!!) budget and we decided to try using the EveryDollar app instead of a notebook, I kinda freaked out a little in my brain.  I mean, I'm a modern lady - I love me some snapchat - but making the switch was something I was going to do slightly reluctantly.

So we downloaded the EveryDollar App and I made an account to poke around.

OKAY. OKAY YOU GUYS. THIS APP IS INCREDIBLE.  I brag about this thing so much my friends ask me if I get paid to plug it. (For the record: no, not even a little bit but I would LOVE to! Are you kidding?? Adding some extra income to my budget??? HOLLAH!!!)

It can link to multiple devices so both you and your partner can budget together.

It tracks debt. It tracks spending categories. IT MAKES SINKING FUNDS.

This thing is seriously a financial life-changer.

At first it may seem a little excessive to track every transaction but honestly it takes five seconds and once you get used to it, it's a total breeze. When Chris and I go to the store together it's totally autopilot for one of us to get the app out at the counter while the other is paying, so we can input it right away.

And for me, the absolute freedom it gives me to be able to purchase things KNOWING I have the money in my budget is so worth those few extra seconds on my phone.

As of now, I'm pretty sure EveryDollar is an iPhone only app, but I do know they are working on Android as we speak!  BUT EITHER WAY, you can also just go to the website and do your budgets on the computer! (When we have our monthly budget meetings, we use the computer anyway because it's just easier that way!)


Talk soon!

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