Taking Stock: March

I am loving taking stock of every month now - especially because I'm already excited to read through all of my posts at the end of the year and see my growth!

This month mostly consisted of very exciting things like our very own washer/dryer, trying to start to actually settle into our new place, and having a blast celebrating Easter with family! <3 Enjoy!

My perfect nephew! <3 

Making: strides in the upcoming role I have coming up! Accents are hard, ya'll!
Cooking: 100% nothing.
Drinking: water! Which is new for me, honestly...
Reading: "Elle and Coach," which is a book about one of my former students and her medical alert dog!
Wanting: for the weather to be this amazing ALL WEEK!
Looking: forward to an exciting Spring!
Playing: James Taylor playlists - all day, erry day.
Wasting: nothing, I don't think?
Sewing: a whole lot of zero items.

Wishing: it was summer!
Enjoying: the peace and quiet, and the fact that it's warm enough to wear a sleeveless dress today!
Waiting: for my next giant iced coffee! (No one can tell me I don't have priorities! hah!)
Liking: my music, my newly highlighted script, and my well-worn jean jacket.
Wondering: how my April adventure with my upcoming health program will go!  Eek! I'm nervous!
Loving: my life. Truly, truly, truly.
Hoping: to get more boxes unpacked this weekend!
Marveling: at how much one thing can affect your mood so much - the weather, the start to your day, a few minutes of your time - it's so incredible.
Needing: another coffee (but that's pretty much all the time :-P) 
Smelling: fresh air!  It's starting to smell like summer!!
Wearing: a flowy dress, leggings, and my jean jacket. #bestoutfit
Following: a new health and exercise program coming up next week!
Noticing: how much happier I am when I get up even 15 minutes earlier in the morning.
Knowing: that I should probably get up earlier every day, but we'll see how that goes...
Thinking: about how flipping awesome it is to have our washer/dryer now!  Seriously, I'm borderline obsessed with them you guys.
Bookmarking: the weather.com page - I am so anxious to keep track of the weather for the next few days!
Opening: myself up to new possibilities.
Feeling: so excited, so content, so blessed.

What about you? How did your March go?  
Are you taking stock of your life this month, too?  Feel free to share your URL below!

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