The Stepmom Letters: Fun

Dear Jess,

This life is sometimes way too complicated or wild or emotional and we forget to laugh.  To play.  To have fun.

Yes, life is serious, but it's also hysterical.  And goofy.  And magical somehow, even (or maybe especially) in its fragility.

So thank you for reminding me to have fun.  Thank you for using silly voices and trying to teach me how to do your sweet new dance move (I swear, I'll get it someday!) and laughing with me until we literally fall to the floor.

Thank you for insisting on using the most hilarious snapchat filters and teasing me about calling things "sick" and being so dang good at sass and sarcasm. (I'm proud of that bit, by the way.)

Thank you for "tricking me" into getting you the bigger size of ice cream and then giggling about it the whole walk home.

Thank you for being my constant reminder that sometimes taking things a little less seriously is exactly what we all need.

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