Taking Stock: May

OH MY GOSH, YOU GUYS!!  What an absolutely wild May!  Mother's Day came and went, Christopher began rehearsing for his next project, my show opened AND closed, Jess had her last concert of the year, and we had some really fun times with family and friends this month!

I literally have the most perfect nephew on earth.

Making: the most of my time this month. A lot of craziness, but a lot of fun, too!
Cooking: grilled chicken for my salad!  I've been so into it, oh my gosh.
Reading: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.. wish me luck, you guys!
Wanting: slightly more time in my day.
Looking: at my To Do list and knowing I'm gonna CRUSH it!
Playing: podcasts, 24/7. (Stuff Mom Never Told Me and The Longest Shortest Time are killer!)
Wasting: nothing!
Sewing: by now you all know the answer to this one... ahahaha

Wishing: it would be this lovely every day!
Enjoying: my mood today - just feeling extra positive!
Waiting: to get my butt into gear with this decluttering thing.
Liking: the amount of time I've gotten to spend hanging out with Jess the past week! Can't wait for the next few weeks with even more :) 
Wondering: what I'm even gonna DO with myself when Jess is gone for a while!
Loving: My life. Iced coffee. My best friends. Music. Copious amounts of highlighters.
Hoping: for a smooth transition into summer!
Marveling: at how exciting and crazy and wild and wonderful life is.
Needing: nothing, really.
Smelling: vanilla body mist like woah.
Wearing: jeans, which is super weird.
Following: my heart.
Noticing: how much attitude affects atmosphere.
Knowing: that I have the best friends on earth.
Thinking: about how loudly I'm going to belt my face off on the car ride tonight.
Bookmarking: a variety of furniture on amazon. Moving to a new space makes you want to get new furniture to fit that space perfectly, ya'll!
Opening: the dishwasher tonight to actually get some dishes done!  Hollah!
Feeling: content. Oddly, wonderfully content.

What about you? How did your May go?  
Are you taking stock of your life this month, too?  Feel free to share your URL below!

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