Dear Life Lately

Dear New Lularoe Dress,
I'll admit it: at first I wasn't completely 100% sure about you but at this point you have absolutely served your purpose AND fully won me over.  Dang, I could wear you all the time and for pretty much every occasion imaginable!  Love that!

Dear Nephew,
DUDE. When did I give you permission to keep growing?! (Spoilers: Never!)  How are you so big and smart already?!  I love you so much, but slow down buddy! At least just a little!

Dear summer weather,
I'm ELATED that you're here!  Please stick around!!!

Dear Jess,
These past few days have been ridiculously hard - absolutely the hardest they've ever been for me in adjusting to your absence. I miss you terribly and am already counting down the days until you return.

Dear Plant Nanny app,
I've never consistently consumed water in my LIFE until you came into the picture. Your tiny, weird-looking modern dehydrated Tamagotchis have changed the game.  Keep it up, my digital friend!

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