Less Than My Best

Dear Husband,

Despite what everyone may want the internet to believe, we are all fallible.  We all make mistakes.

Today, this was me.

I slept too long, I woke up disoriented, and I continued my day this way.

I fought wildly, and cried double that.

I got in the car and ran away.  I needed to think.  I needed to drive it off.

Today I was less than my best. Far less than my best.

But it is on these days I am most reminded of the incredible love, faith, and sanctity in marriage.

I came home still disheveled, still on edge, still not my best.  And I got a hug.  I got an "I'm sorry."  I got an "I love you."

We humans are not perfect, we will never be perfect, and I am very grateful that in our life the hard days are few and far between.  But I am also grateful for the ability to start anew. The ability to say "I'm sorry" and mean it.  It can be the hardest thing to do, and yet possibly the most important.

When I'm feeling and acting and being less than my best, when it seems impossible for anyone to love me, you do.  Thank you forever for that.

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