Taking Stock: July

This July was an absolute blast...

My forever friend Devin visited New Hampshire with his girlfriend and we all had a wonderful time wandering around and hanging out together.

My bff Becky's Bachelorette party went off without a hitch and was quite the event with a three-course meal by a professional chef, manicures for all, and giant floaties in a gorgeous lake!!!

My nephew Aiden remained ridiculously cute, as per usual.

And Christopher and I were able to take a hilarious, wonderful, lovely vacation for a week!

So many adventures!  So much fun!  Such a great month :)

Making: our house as spic and span as possible for Jessica's return!
Cooking: almost nothing since Christopher and I were on vacation this past week!
Drinking: new cold brew coffee I just tried for the first time! Delicious!
Reading: The Meaning of Wife: A Provocative Look at Women and Marriage in the Twenty-first Century (affiliate link)  YOU. GUYS.  This book is an absolutely fascinating look at the history of marriage, particularly for women, through the ages.  I started it on our vacation and kept reading pages and pages out loud to Christopher because it's just fascinating. I'm not finished yet but I would highly recommend it so far.
Wanting: this upcoming week back at work to go well.
Looking: forward to taking my parents to a James Taylor concert in a few days! Eek!  So stoked!
Playing: "Love Songs Radio" playlist on Pandora! <3 
Wasting: nothing! I'm seriously soaking up every last minute of vacation time.
Sewing: Nothing YET, but I did look at "10 Easy Sewing Projects" on Pinterest, so that's something, right?! haha

Wishing: I could stretch out this vaca even longer!  Going to sleep tonight is going to be so tough!
Enjoying: My cup of coffee, my music, and this air conditioned room!
Waiting: for Jess to come home!  Just a few more days!!!
Liking: so much. I'm so grateful for the life I have, I really am.
Wondering: what fun things Jess is going to want to do this coming weekend!
Loving: the Lilac scented candle next to my record player right now.
Hoping: my August is as lovely as July was!
Marveling: at how big and how small the world is. <3 
Needing: to write a letter to a friend!
Smelling: the aforementioned lilac candle :) 
Wearing: my "Blogging All Day" t-shirt. ahaha True Story. <-- UMM this was my answer last month BUT IT IS TRUE AGAIN!  Too weird!  I swear, I don't always wear this when I write! 
Following: so many new people on Instagram!
Noticing: how utterly content I am.
Knowing: every single word to the Hamilton soundtrack. I'm available for birthday parties, by the way.
Thinking: about reading more of my Wife book after I finish this post.
Bookmarking: so many great blogs!
Opening: the package for the new bookshelf we just bought to hold our surplus of family board games.
Feeling: Sleepy. Happy. Excited for Friday!

What about you? How did your July go?  
Are you taking stock of your life this month, too?  Feel free to share your URL below!

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