The Stepmom Letters: Less Than a Week!

Dear Jess,

You're almost home!  In less than a week now you will back here with us and, girlfriend, I cannot even begin to express my excitement!

Daddy and I went on a super fun vacation this past week (we've been calling it our Second Honeymoon because we're corny like that...I know, I know, what lame old people, as you would say!) and that has been a nice break from the real world, but lady, I am over the moon about seeing you next week.

I hope you've had some fun times this summer - the fact that Daphne was there I'm sure brought lots of new fun and adventure to your annual trip - but I'm going to say, selfish or not, that I've been waiting for you to come home every day since you left.  Talking on the phone, Skyping, all of that is just not the same.  Walking by your room and seeing it empty has made me heartsick for the past five weeks.

But now?  Well, now I'm just getting excited again!  Before I even know it you'll be back here and your laughter will fill the house and you will sass me like there's no tomorrow and it will be amazing.

It will also be awkward and difficult and strange - the transition back home always has been and probably always will be for all of us - but that's okay. We will work it out. We always do.

And the most important thing is that you will be home.  At our new place.  In the wonderful room you and GK decorated together.  And you'll finally get to see your friends!  Oh my goodness gracious I know you've so missed your friends - probably more than you've missed us because you're 12, let's be real here, I know your priorities.  You already have a whole 4-day-weekend on the calendar to hang out with them and I'm sure they've missed you, too.  And your cousins and aunts & uncles and Grandma & Papa and GK & Yeti and baby Aiden (who I swear has grown SIX INCHES since you saw him last - it's total craziness!).

Suffice it to say, we're all psyched to see you. We can't freakin' wait!  So just get here already!

Love you more than you could possibly know, kiddo. And see you SOON!

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