Taking Stock: August

My, my, my! August has been one of the most lovely months in awhile :)

At the beginning of the month, Christopher and I were able to take my parents to a concert at Fenway Park - James Taylor with Jackson Brown opening! The concert was AMAZING and we had the best time hanging out together with my parents!!!

And just two days later, Miss Jess returned home to us!!! We played lots of games and went to see her Daddy in his show and had an amazing time having her back home with us.

Other major highlights? I went to Old Orchard Beach with my friend Nora (and other made friends while I was there!) and it's like a dreamland!!! 

I did a photoshoot with my friend April from Alba Lumos Photography which means I got some beautiful photos AND I got to hang out with April, her husband Jordan, and her perfect little nugget, Marvel!!!

August means my older brother's birthday, which means we all got together as a family to celebrate Timothy and dote over my nephew Aiden, as per usual. 

Last major milestone for this month? JESS WENT BACK TO SCHOOL!!! Her first day of 7th grade went off without a hitch, and she was so gracious to pose in photos with us on the way to the bus stop! 

Making: time for family as much as I can - even if it means working on graphics while watching Zootopia (which is FINALLY out on DVD!!!) with Chris and Jessica. Make it work, right?
Cooking: pasta with gravy, like, three times this week. I have no idea why I keep craving it, but I do!
Drinking: so much iced coffee.  All iced coffee, all the time.
Reading: The Meaning of Wife: A Provocative Look at Women and Marriage in the Twenty-first Century. AKA the same book as last month. Still not done yet!
Wanting: to take a nap, honestly, but I still have lots to do tonight so that's a no go! Hah!
Looking: at my stepdaughter and my husband while they hang out <3 
Playing: our wedding song ("I Choose You" by Sara Barielles) on repeat with our anniversary coming up.  If you've never seen the music video, you need to! It's right here. Honestly, go watch it. I'll wait.
Wasting: a few minutes every day to just CHILL.  I'm generally not great at that, but I've been trying to be better!
Sewing: Nothing, but I'm lookin' at YOU, Jenny, to help me someday have a real answer for this category! ;) 

Wishing: there were maybe just a *few* more hours in a day... Just a couple, even??
Enjoying: the laughter in this family. Lots of personal jokes, lots of ridiculous sayings, lots and lots of love.
Waiting: to record the One Year of Marriage video with Christopher tonight! I'm so excited!
Liking: the extra bubbles in a fountain soda. I haven't been drinking much soda lately, but I got a fountain beverage tonight and I just LOVE how much more bubbly and lovely they are as a treat sometimes.
Wondering: what we're going to do this weekend for our anniversary!  (No, we don't know already and yes, I still think it'll be wonderful!)
Loving: how hysterical Jess has been being all evening. It's seriously amazing to have her home and I can't believe that this time last month I was anxiously awaiting her return to us! Crazy!
Hoping: that we have a great September!  It's my favorite month, so I'm extra stoked!
Marveling: at the strides I'm making!
Needing: to finish cleaning the house, but, you know what? It can wait ;) 
Smelling: the Tropical Twist Trident gum that I'm chewing. Delicious!
Wearing: a "Team Bride" t-shirt in honor of my bff Becky's wedding in less than three weeks!  Eek!
Following: some new podcasts and I love them! Christy Wright's "Business Boutique" and "Young House Love Has a Podcast" are huge in my world right now!
Noticing: how much I LOVE fresh flowers in our house - I've heard time and time again about how much they liven up a space, but I'm only just now understanding it and I'm hooked!
Knowing: that I'm quite possibly the most blessed woman alive.
Thinking: of so many new ideas my mind might explode!
Bookmarking: some photos that my friend sent me of a recent trip we took!
Opening: a Klondike bar in approximately five minutes. :-P
Feeling: Excited. Lovey.  Accomplished!

What about you? How did your August go?  
Are you taking stock of your life this month, too?  Feel free to share your URL below!

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