One Year Married

It's pretty darn surreal to know that (in two days time, technically) Christopher and I have been married for a year already.

You hear so much about the first year of marriage, from "it goes by so fast" to "the first year is the hardest year" and to be honest all of it seems ridiculous when you walk out of your reception and begin your brand new married life.  It's too overwhelming to hear the advice and assessments when you're just embarking out on this adventure - it's a bit stressful, too much for those first exciting days.

But now, here we are, a year into this marriage adventure and you guys, it really does go by ridiculously fast.  It really really does.  Although, if the first year is the hardest, then our marriage is gonna be SUPER EASY FOREVER (hah!) because this was such an incredibly joyful year, truly.

Marriage is about all the big things like compromise, sacrifice, and love, sure; but it's also about the millions of little things like backwards high-fives and knowing each other's Dunkin Donuts order and doing the dishes even when you'd rather not.

Marriage is disagreeing about something but holding hands anyway, and it's sitting on the floor playing board games, and it's tag-teaming responsibilities without a single word.

Marriage is budget meetings and belting musicals and doing everything you can to embarrass your tween with your nerdiness in public.

Marriage isn't simple and it isn't always easy, of course.  But for us, what's important is that we stockpile many, many little moments of happiness so that when the bigger, harder things come, there is such a foundation of tiny, hilarious, wonderful moments that the hard stuff doesn't stand a chance.

Sorry, trouble, you're just no match for the millions of times we've laughed this year.

Trust me, our lives are anything but perfect or without struggle - the fact that we are a stepfamily alone brings a unique set of challenges, and newlywed life is certainly not rainbows and buttercups all the time - but I truly believe that a foundation of grace, laughter, and teeny, tiny, insignificant moments of joy make it abundantly easier to go through the times of chaos and struggle and stress.

I also, you know, have the best husband on the planet, so that helps matters. ;)

I know that we have a lot more beautiful, painful, phenomenal, difficult, hilarious, and heartbreaking things to come, and I can't wait.

Okay, Year Two of marriage. Come at me, bro.


Keep an eye out later this week for our "1 Year of Marriage Video" inspired by this post from Blair at Blair Blogs!  In the meantime, here's a little trip down marriage memory lane with some photos from this past year...

Photos by Laura Marie Duncan Photography
Married in September

Honeymoon Road Trip in September

Corn Maze and Adventure Park in October

Meeting our nephew, Aiden, in December

Trip to Gettysburg in February

Moving to our new house in March

"Second Honeymoon" trip in July

Can't wait to see what adventures next year brings! :) 
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