Taking Stock: September

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September has been my favorite month for pretty much as long as I can remember, so I always love it.  BUT WOAH YOU GUYS - if this September wasn't something extra special!

It was Chris and my very first anniversary.  (Read about our first year of marriage here and watch our One Year of Marriage Video here)  The anniversary itself was full of fun and relaxation and brand-spanking-new traditions that we hope to repeat for years to come!

A little hint as to what one of our new traditions is... ;) 

Later in the month, I took a completely spontaneous trip with some friends to New York City!  I wandered the city, saw a show, drank a ton of coffee, hung out with my best friends on rooftops, and just had an amazing, exciting, clarifying time.  I'm pretty bad at remembering to do things like that, honestly, but it sure was good for my soul.

And probably the most exciting part of September?  I got to watch one of my very best friends, Becky, marry her sweetheart, Robin, in one of the most gorgeous, loving, tears-of-joy-inducing weddings of all time. <3  I wrote about this on my facebook page, but being given the honor of being Becky's Maid of Honor was an abolute blessing. Watching your friends get married and enter into such an incredible new adventure is one of the coolest, craziest things on earth.  I know I will always treasure my memories of Becky's wedding day.

Wedding Photos courtesy of Bushor Photography

And now, for our regularly scheduled programming...

Making: my one free evening this week count --- writing for days, ya'll!
Cooking: casserole this weekend, maybe?  Not sure yet, but right now that sounds delicious.
Drinking: coffee, coffee, coffee!  I feel like that's my answer every month but that's probably because that's my beverage of choice ALL THE TIME.
Reading: Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by the incomparable Anne Lamott!
Wanting: my Chrome to cut it out with the whole "randomly restarting" thing. >:O
Looking: forward to getting to know my new blog friends!
Playing: "Over You" by Miranda Lambert. (Listen to it on Youtube here)  If you don't know it, you should, but just be prepared for your soul to be crushed. It's a devastating (and beautiful) song about loss that just happened to be on my Pandora when I got to this question!
Wasting: I'm not sure what I'm wasting but I can tell you what I'm NOT wasting... A SINGLE BITE OF THIS KRAFT MACARONI AND CHEESE CHRIS MADE ME & JESS TONIGHT.  Yes, we did choose to go to the bookstore instead of make a real dinner and no I do not regret it one bit. Hah!
Sewing: At this point we should all just choose to pretend this category doesn't exist, shall we?

Wishing: today had been less stressful, but tomorrow's my chance at another one!
Enjoying: getting to connect with so many new stepmoms after my last post!  I've been absolutely LOVING chatting with amazing women who are CRUSHING this stepmom thing! 
Waiting: to hear more women's stories!  I'm stoked!
Liking: my new backpack.  Super cute and super cheap - pretty much my two requirements for everything ;) 
Wondering: what podcasts you all listen to!  I'm a total podcast JUNKIE and would love to get some recommendations for more!
Loving: how quick and easy it is for our family to take a quick jaunt downtown. We went to the bookstore tonight, all three of us, and got to hang out and chat during the short walk there and back. I'm really grateful for our new house's proximity to fun, family-themed things to do!
Hoping: my nephew Aiden isn't 100 feet tall when we go visit him tomorrow - everyone KNOWS that babies grow wicked fast, but I swear, it still shocks me every time I see him!
Marveling: at meeting goals and making connections.
Needing: ...a nap? I don't know, honestly.
Smelling: my new favorite candle - Home Sweet Home by Yankee Candle. It's pure fall goodness without being too overpowering or intense. Just lovely.
Wearing: Leggings and a baseball tee. A very stylish ensemble, that's for sure.
Following: WAY too many channels on youtube...I need to chill out. At this point I don't even have time to watch them all! 
Noticing: how grown up Jess is getting. It's this exciting, terrifying, wild thing to witness.
Knowing: that I'm quite possibly the most blessed woman alive. <-- That was from last month but you know what? It's still true! <3 
Thinking: that the voices in The Zac Brown Band are super dreamy. 

Bookmarking: recommendations for new purse books!  (That is, books to keep in my purse, not books about purses...Although, I'd be game for that, too! Hah!)
Opening: my heart and hoping for the best!
Feeling: Blessed. Hopeful. Nervous for the future.

What about you? How did your September go?  
Are you taking stock of your life this month, too?  Feel free to share your URL below!

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