Fall Favorites!

As I've made fairly clear by now, Autumn is, by far, my favorite season.  Maybe it's because of the cool breezes, or the sweater weather, or the YEARS of fall marching band rehearsals, but I'm just in love and I always will be.

New England in the fall is quite possibly the greatest place on earth.  Our abundance of leaf peepers prove this.  So I thought I'd share some of my favorite things for my favorite season. Any links here may be affiliate links, which doesn't change the price for you at all, of course! :)

I've split it up into several categories - and even given Chris & Jess their own, too! --- Enjoy!

Food & Drink

-Apple Cider Doughnuts - Maybe this is just a "New Hampshire in the fall" thing, but I just can't get enough of apple cider doughnuts right now!  If you offer me an apple cider doughnut I will say "yes" 100% of the time.  I'm usually a frosted with sprinkles kind of girl, but right now I just can't get enough of that apple cider!
-Dunkin Donuts iced coffee with caramel - Okay, to be fair this is the drink I literally get year-round, but there's something about a crisp, sweet beverage while it's chilly but not TOO chilly.  I love sipping on my iced coffee while wearing a cosy sweatshirt.
-Soups and stews - This isn't a specific item so much as a full-on category but I'm starting to get into soup & stew mode over here.  I love bringing a stew into work in my lunch crock pot (this is the one I use but I know they have others as well) and by the time I'm ready for lunch, so is my food!  Delicious and a perfect midday meal when the weather gets chillier!

Clothes & Accessories

-Lularoe leggings - Love it or hate it, there's no denying that the LuLaRoe company has made a HUGE splash!  And you know what?  I LOVE their leggings!  Love 'em!  I'm a plain leggings person for the most part - although I do have a couple pairs of their crazy patterns - so my favorites are honestly just the plain black or plain colored ones.  They're super soft, opaque (which is a need, not want, for me when it comes to leggings), and they've gone through many a wash cycle without losing their quality.  I'm a believer, y'all.
-This Backpack - This laptop bag backpack is my new favorite thing. It's such great quality (love the built-in laptop sleeve!) and the vintage style is so versatile and so ME!  I've gotten a ton of compliments on this guy and I love telling people it was only $25 bucks! Hollah!
-Crisp in the Fall Sweatshirt - This sweatshirt, by Blair Lamb Design on Etsy, is such a snuggly, comfy, PERFECT addition to my fall wardrobe. It's awesome to throw over any outfit and it's so cute that it even works over my dresses!  Love it!

Such a cute sweatshirt!

Home & Lifestyle

-Mason Jar flatware caddy - We actually got this for our wedding last year, but we used it HARD and accidentally broke two of the mason jars this month!  Oops!  So we went right on amazon and got another one - that's how much we love this!  Such a cute look in our kitchen and I'm a mason jar fangirl, so I especially love the aesthetic!
-#GIRLBOSS - I'll be honest, the title of this book kept me away for a long time.  I'm not a big fan of the "girl = woman" fad (more about that here) and it took me awhile to get past that enough to read the book.  I'm not finished yet, but so far I've absolutely been LOVING it!  Highly recommended!
-Amazon Basics Sheets - These sheets are FREAKING AWESOME!!!  I was super surprised, since they're literally just inexpensive amazon-brand sheets, but DANG, they are SO SOFT and comfortable. I literally made one of my friends go up to my room just to feel my sheets when she was in the market for new ones herself. (Is that weird??  Too bad!  These sheets are killer. #worthit)

Fun & Games

-Exploding Kittens - We're a board/card game family.  We love to play games together and always have.  So when my brother & sister-in-law got Jess this card game for Christmas, we were thrilled.  It's super easy and super ridiculous and super fun!  And even almost a year later we still love it - it was actually the first thing we all played together when Jess came back from summer this year!
-Hamilton - Unless you've literally been living under a rock for the past year or so, Hamilton is essentially the greatest new musical ever, and we LOVE it around here!  Be aware that it does have some explicit language, but it's also all about a founding father of America, so really it's not done in any offensive way in my opinion.  We know every song by heart and are constantly rap battling each other about state & federal debt from 1781. So, you know, clearly Hamilton is super cool and you need to listen to it! Hah!
-House, MD - I have been on such a House kick lately!  I'm rewatching episodes and remembering all the crazy dynamics in that show. Also, I can never get over Hugh Laurie's American accent!  I swear, every so often I remember that he's actually British and I can't believe it!

Christopher & Jessica

-The Smoke Hunter - Christopher's pick is this new novel that a friend of ours just released!  I haven't gotten to read it yet because he's snagging it first, but so far he's loving it!!
-Galaxy Sweatshirt - Jessica's pick is her favorite hoodie sweatshirt - a galaxy print that she got for her birthday this year!  She's finally able to wear it pretty much all the time now that the weather has gotten chillier! :)

Precious & Treasured

-Back in rehearsals - Christopher and I have begun rehearsing for a few shows this fall after we both took most of the summer off!  It's been crazy and slightly stressful, but we're so happy to be back in the theatre swing of things!
-Spending more family time - We've been able to spend more time at my parents' house with my parents and siblings and nephew and Chris and Jess and it's been AWESOME!  So grateful for this time together!
-Fall activities - We haven't actually been able to go to the corn maze yet (thanks, Hurricane Matthew!) but we have big plans to go to the maze and snag some pumpkins and just do all of that "fall stuff" that is SO fun this time of year!

Do you have any fall favorites?  Feel free to share them below!

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