Taking Stock: October

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Holy cow!

I know that everyone always says that EVERY month was speedy, but DANG, October was quick this year!  I can't believe we're already almost into the holiday season!  Craziness!

This month has consisted of a BUNCH of rehearsals for two different shows I'm working on - one is Christmas Carol, where I play a variety of roles including a grave robber (as showcased in the terrifying promo photo below!) and the other is an original called Ye Merry Gentlemen, which I'm Stage Managing with Kaitlyn (who was one of my bridesmaids!  Hollah!).  Those projects have been a lot of fun, but a lot of work, too, so I've kept very busy this month!

And, of course, October means Halloween!  I'm a big costume party person, so I love taking any opportunity to wear a silly costume.  This year Chris and I went pretty easy on ourselves by dressing as nerds, while Jess (who's WAY taller than me in this photo and I'd love it if all of you could ignore that fact. THANK YOU!) went as one of her own creations - a kitty maid!

And let's be real - no Taking Stock post would be complete without a photo of my little nephew Aiden - shown here with his TWO SEPARATE HALLOWEEN COSTUMES because he knows as well as anyone else that the sign of true character is a good costume change. :-P  <3

Making: myself warm by snuggling under 100 blankets (that might be a *slight* exaggeration)... It's starting to get chilly around here!
Cooking: lots of chicken so I have lunches AND dinners prepped for days when I don't get home until past 10 because of rehearsals. Eek!
Drinking: HOT coffee, which is weird for me!  It's finally getting to be the season where I stop being a hot coffee hater for a little while.
Reading: The Art of Non-Conformity: Set Your Own Rules, Live the Life You Want, and Change the World by Chris Guillebeau. I've only just started it and I already feel like my world is being rocked.
Wanting: to be able to see a show I saw over the weekend, called Bitter Pill, again!  But it's closing tonight!  :( 
Looking: forward to my first installment of The Stepmom Project tomorrow!
Playing: so. much. Hamilton. (Yes, still. No, I'm not over it yet. NO, I am definitely not sorry.)
Wasting: ...really nothing right now!
Sewing: ***crickets***

Wishing: there was a way to manifest dollar from thin air. (Jess needs BRACES, y'all.  BRACES. #worst for so many reasons)
Enjoying: the crispness in the air. I know it'll turn to winter air soon enough, but for now I'm loving the scent and quality of fall.
Waiting: for tomorrow!!! EEK EEK EEK I am so excited!!!
Liking: my new binder - super cute, works great, and is totally Jess-approved! (She wants one, too!)
Wondering: when I should begin Christmas shopping. I feel like I need to start soon!
Loving: how much time I've gotten to spend with my family this month. I've been busy, sure, but we've spent several days at my parents' house just hanging out with my siblings and the grandkids (which isn't us any more!  Wild!) and it's just the best.
Hoping: tomorrow goes well.
Marveling: at how exhausted but insanely productive one can be, all at once.
Needing: at least six naps.
Smelling: the freshly brewed coffee that's in my Chic Happens mug right now!
Wearing: a pair of super comfy new leggings and a warm sweater! Oh yeah, and 100 blankets ;) 
Following: my heart and following through with my goals!
Noticing: how much people really will support you if you reach out and ask them. That's a big lesson for me (that I'm still working on, honestly) but it's really a beautiful thing when you think about it.
Knowing: that I'm supremely lucky to have such an amazing relationship with Jess and I try my best not to take it for granted.
Thinking: that next week is going to be awesome! (Chris' brother is getting married!  And my friend Michela's having her birthday party!  Woohoo!)

Bookmarking: TOO MANY THINGS. #ineedtochill
Opening: my phone the wrong way over and over and over and over!  This new update has me all confused, you guys. :-P
Feeling: Nervous. Excited. Trusting! <3 

What about you? How did your October go?  
Are you taking stock of your life this month, too?  Feel free to share your URL below!

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