Taking Stock: November

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November was an absolutely wild month for us - both personally and in a more broad sense.

The US election happened, in case you hadn't heard (sarcasm, sarcasm, sarcasm for days) and I have so many thoughts, but I have really struggled to synthesize them, so this post from earlier in the month will have to work for now.

Besides that major elephant in the room, we had a TON of stuff go on this month - good and bad! - so pardon me if this update is a bit longer than usual...

First and foremost, Christopher's brother Andrew got married to his wonderful now wife Christine!  And, of course, we were all happy to be there to celebrate!  We're so stoked to have another Savage in our crew :) 

These kiddos all re-wore their outfits from Chris & my wedding! <3 Miles and miles of heart eyes!

The Bride and Groom! ...And me :-P 

Immediately after the wedding (no, literally right after. Like, hours later) I had the honor of co-hosting an epic dino-themed birthday party for my BFF Michela!!!  We had a blast playing games and wearing super sweet temporary tattoos and just generally having the best time. I'm so happy so many people were able to come and celebrate Michela!! <3

I'm pretty sure she liked our birthday present... ;)
Jealous? Don't I know it.

After that awesome stuff, we had a bit of a more complicated time for our family - Miss Jessica got her braces, which is ultimately a good thing but DANG BRACES ARE NO JOKE on your wallet, AND for awhile it's been hard for her to eat, so that's just tough!

In addition to that, mid-month the boiler in our apartment had to be compeltely replaced, which meant that we spent four or five days living with my parents a town over from us. It was lovely to be able to spend so much time with my parents, so that bit was pretty nice, but the situation was a logistical nightmare with rehearsals and school and work and trying to coordinate everything, so we were very happy when we were able to move back in!

Back to some AWESOME stuff, though?  The production Christopher was in and I Assistant Stage Managed - Ye Merry Gentlemen - went up this month and it went really well!

The lightboard and monitor over the Ye Merry Gentlemen set!

Another majorly wonderful thing I was able to do this month was attend my lovely childhood friend Lindsay's baby shower!  We have literally known each other since we were babies and I am beyond happy for her and her boyfriend Cody!  Your little lady is mighty lucky to have the two of you for parents, Linds! <3 

And last but not least?  Thanksgiving!  We had a wonderful day filled with food, fun, and most importantly, family!  We went to Christopher's family's house for the feast and then headed to my parent's house for dessert!  Perfect :)  Lots of chatting, laughing, and Pictionary!  I also made this cute collage of our Thanksgiving photos (it's a bit of a tradition for us to take one every year) from 2013-2016!  Look at how much Jess has grown - it's wild! <3

And now, here's what I'm...

Making: up my face tonight for our dress rehearsal!
Cooking: absolutely nothing, but I'm in rehearsal so I can't be faulted for it...this time :-P 
Drinking: I'll give you three guesses... Yup!  An iced coffee the size of my head!
Reading: The Accidental Creative by Todd Henry.  I've only just started it, but I'm really digging it already!
Wanting: to take a nap when I get home, but instead I have a workout to do. Whoops!
Looking: forward to A Christmas Carol opening this week!
Playing: the "Accoustic Pop for Work" playlist on Amazon Prime Music!  It's kind of perfect, honestly.
Wasting: too much time using Stories on Instagram.  I was SUPER skeptical at first but now I kinda dig it.
Sewing: ................................ still nothing.

Wishing: there were more hours in a day.  Or even just ONE more??? Come on!
Enjoying: seeing everyone's Christmas decorations all over my social media. We haven't really started decorating yet but I love seeing what other people have done!
Waiting: for opening!  So so soon!
Liking: these dividers!  They go perfectly with the binder I talked about last month, and I'm a total organizational nerd so I especially like how practical AND cute they are!
Wondering: how our family photos are going to go this weekend!  Eek!
Loving: the holiday spirit that's already starting to fill the air!  I'm a total sucker for all of it! <3 
Hoping: the weather holds out for Saturday since our photos are going to be outside!
Marveling: at the fact that I ate a salad with spinach for lunch today. SPINACH?!  Who am I?!
Needing: at least six naps. <-- Yup, still true.
Smelling: the new Mrs. Meyer's Orange Clove Scented hand soap. It's seasonal and it's awesome!
Wearing: a comfy flannel and my tried-and-true black leggings. #techweekattire
Following: through with my goals, even when it's hard!
Noticing: how fast babies grow, how fun it is to smile with a kiddo, and how the little moments end up being the big moments.
Knowing: that our show is going to be AWESOME when we open on Friday!
Thinking: of how comfy my bed is going to be when I get home and can crash tonight :) 

Bookmarking: ALL OF THE THINGS. (Although I think that's always! haha!)
Opening: the package from my friend April and her baby Marvel yesterday was SO FUN. She made me an adorable ornament, you guys!!!
Feeling: Excited. Determined. Cheerful. <3 

What about you? How did your November go?  
Are you taking stock of your life this month, too?  Feel free to share your URL below!

And please don't forget to check back here tomorrow for the next installment of The Stepmom Project!!!

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