The Best Facebook Groups for Stepmoms

Hello my friends!

These days I've been spending a fair amount of time on facebook groups - there's just something awesome about finding a community you feel good about, especially in the world of stepmoms.  And, since I'm in a few stepmom groups myself, I thought it would be good to share my favorites with you all!

Stepmom Alliance

This facebook group is awesome - it's relatively small for facebook group norms, which I actually consider an asset to this community.  You really get to know and recognize the women in there and it's definitely a place where people are comfortable sharing their struggles and questions. I think the name is super appropriate, as it definitely feels like a tight-knit "alliance" of women and it's been a great resource for support for me!  

Check Stepmom Alliance out here.

The Joyful Stepmom: A Christian Stepmom Ministry

This is an extremely unique stepmom support group, as it (clearly, from the title) has a Christian focus.  This is very special because it keeps the group quite positive in tone and nature.  If you're looking for a space to just vent, this is probably not the group for you, but if you really want counsel and prayer about your stepmom situation, you can definitely count on these ladies to lift you up.  

If you're a Christian stepmom in need of prayer or some extra encouragment and you're ready to remain positive about your situation, check out The Joyful Stepmom here.

Gradybird Blog #StepmomClub

YOU. GUYS.  I am so flipping excited to announce that I have just created my very own Closed facebook group!  Like, just-just created it.  Like, as of now I am for sure the only member. (Well, it technically makes you add SOMEONE when you create a group so I added Christopher, but he's getting deleted as soon as I get anyone else on there with me!  ...Sorry, babe.)  

I am SO UNBELIEVABLY PUMPED about this group, because I want to not only get to know all of my fellow stepmoms better, but I also want us to have a private place to express our fears, joys, adventures, and concerns about stepmotherhood!  I'm hopeful that it will be a place to promote community, ask questions, share experiences, and help stepmotherhood feel more empowering and less isolating.

As I said, right now I am quite literally the only (real) member, but I am so excited to have you join me over there!!!

Interested in being a part of the #StepmomClub?  Check it out here

Those are just a few stepmom facebook groups I'm really excited about right now.  Are you a part of any fb groups that you totally love? Let me know below!

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