January Favorites!

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The last time I did a favorites post around here was in October, and I've decided to amp up my game and do one on the blog monthly.  Homegirl is only going to talk about things I'm ACTUALLY loving, of course, and I don't buy 600 new things every month so they won't always be as long as this one, but I LOVE reading posts about what people are into, so I'm giving it a go myself!

Food & Drink

-I don't know if I've ever expressed my love for the SodaStream on here, but this thing is OFF THE CHAIN.  We were so blessed to receive this super fancy schmancy one as a wedding gift and we absolutely adore it.  The vintage aesthetic compliments our kitchen (more on that later!) and we just love to try the different flavor options available out there!  This thing is the bomb.  (Pro-tip: Do NOT try to carbonate the soda AFTER you put the syrup in...unless you want your entire kitchen covered in Diet Coke.  Not that we've tried that...but if we did, we wouldn't recommend it...)

-As far as other food goes, right now I'm in total winter mode with my food choices, so I'm super into making a nice big bowl of rice and putting beef stew over it.  It sounds weird when I see it typed out, but just trust me - it's delicious and perfect for winter weather!

Clothes & Accessories

-I know I talked about this in my last favorites post, but I am still LIVING for my LuLaRoe leggings (and dresses!).  I kind of wish this wasn't true, because at this point I own a stupid amount, but I can't lie to you guys, so here we are.  Give me all the leggings, please and thank you.

-And, considering I live in New England, you didn't think I was going to go without giving you a WINTER WEAR recommendation, now did you?!  My purple Sorel boots are the absolute greatest. (Similar)  The ones I own were TWENTY-FIVE BUCKS at a consignment store and I've had them for, like, five years.  They're 100% snow and winter weather proof, but they're also PURPLE and look adorable with my outfits - to the point where I don't even need to bring a change of shoes to work!  They're the best and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a cute but functional winter boot!

Home & Lifestyle

-This is SUPER new (as in, I opened the package and first used it today!) but I'm super excited to have gotten our new diffuser this week!  I actually have a way less cute one on my desk at work, but I wanted to get a classier version for our home and I'm very happy with the aesthetic and (so far!) the use of this guy.

-This isn't a specific item, but I've been totally in love with candles lately.  Like, extra in love.  I've always been a big candle person so this shouldn't surprise me, but I don't think I've gone a day for weeks without lighting at least two or three candles around the house. <3

-Also, if you follow me on Twitter then you've already seen the love poem I wrote for my new butter dish, haha, but the new things we've gotten for our kitchen are SO AWESOME and the loves of my life right now!  (Maybe I'll do a post on the room when it's all finished coming together?  We shall see...)

Fun & Games

-We got Jess this game for Christmas and OH MY GOODNESS IS IT HILARIOUS.  We played with myself, Christopher, Jess, Chris' brother Eric, and his daughter Caroline (who's Jessica's age) and it was HYSTERICAL.  I highly recommend throwing out the rules and just letting everyone take a turn with everyone else guessing :-P  Too stinkin' fun.

-Something SUPER AWESOME that we did this month that I would highly recommend - we were able to attend a production of the musical Something Rotten at the Boston Opera House with my sister-in-law Lee and her best friend Gloria!  It was hilarious and if you're able to attend a production (especially if you're a musical nerd) I would highly highly recommend it!

Christopher & Jessica

-Jessica has been SUPER into the sketchbook my brother and sister-in-law got her for Christmas lately. I'm not sure what kind it is, so I can't link it here, but if there's a kid in your life who loves art, get them a professional sketchbook!  She loves that thing so much and she's constantly creating artwork in it!  I love how much she loves their present!

-When I asked Chris what he wanted to post here, he said he's been really into the TV show "Black Mirror" recently.  I haven't seen it and know literally nothing about it, so that's all I can say!  Hah!  Next time I'll ask him to pick something I can speak about ;) Hahaha!

Precious & Treasured

-Our standard New Year's Morning Sunrise adventure was just as lovely as ever this year.  We watched a GORGEOUS sunrise on the beach, then went together with the whole family to eat breakfast at a local diner.  Just one of my favorite traditions ever, for sure. <3

-My nephew Aiden's first birthday party was this month!  I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS CHILD IS ALREADY A YEAR OLD.  My little buddy was hilarious at the party and I just love him with all of my heart.

-Since neither Chris nor I are working on a show right now, we've had SO MUCH FAMILY TIME this month, and it's been the greatest thing on earth.  We've gotten to hang out and consistently eat dinner together.  It sounds like such a simple thing (and it is!) but it's been really wonderful to have this time. I'm so grateful I decided to take the beginning of the winter off - it's really been good for my soul.

-The Women's March was this month.  Below I'll post the photo of the turnout in my hometown alone. Enough said. 

From an overhead camera of my hometown! Wowza!

What about you?  What has been your favorite thing or experience from January?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

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