One Second Every Day 2016

Waaaaaaay back in January of last year I wrote a blog post about this new app I was using called 1 Second Every Day.  The post was just explaining the gist of the app - which records one second of video footage for each day you choose to use it - and saying that I was going to try to take one second of footage for every day of 2016!

Well, my friends...I did it!!  And I'm sharing the video with you below!  (If you'd rather watch it on youtube, you can find it here)

I'm so in love with how cool it turned out (how CRAZY is it to watch that little nugget nephew of mine grow before your eyes?!) and I'm definitely continuing it into 2017!  

Have you ever made a video like this?  Or have you considered making one?  Let me know below! 

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