Taking Stock: January 2017!

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Hi, my friends!  We are back again!

I flippin' love to do these Taking Stock posts because they really help me focus on all of the amazing, phenomenal, hilarious, awesome, GOOD in my life!  (Plus, looking back on all of my answers to the same questions crack me up!)

I've adjusted the question list a bit to make more sense for my life, but otherwise I'm just excited to be back at it!

The newest Savage Sister and I on the first morning of 2017 :) 
I talk about this tradition on here all the time, but I just LOVE our New Years morning beach sunrise tradition so, so much.  It's such a positive, exciting way to start the new year.  <3

Birthday Boys wearing vests, of course <3 
January is both my nephew Aiden (famous on the blog, of course) and my dad's birthdays!  So of course we celebrated those special days this month!

Kids totally know what's up. Kindess wins, every time. <3
My hometown had its own Women's March and Christopher and I were able to attend with my sister-in-law, Lucia!  I don't get into politics much on here, but I will say that attending this peaceful event was a jolt of positivity that I absolutely needed.

After the March, Chris and I were able to have a delicious homemade dinner with my brother, and then attend a production of Something Rotten at the Boston Opera House with my sister-in-law Lee, and her best friend Gloria!  I wish I had taken more photos of the evening (you'll have to accept this one I also used my January Favorites post... it's the only one I took besides a stealth photo of the fancy bathrooms ahaha!)  But it was a GREAT night and we loved every second of it! <3

Alright, now onto the questions...

Making: my kitchen as beautiful as I can!
Cooking: something at my sister-in-law's Pampered Chef party tonight!  I'm excited!
Drinking: ...iced coffee the size of my head. As per usual.
Reading: Wife After God by Jennifer Smith.  I've really enjoyed this devotional so far - although, to be fair, I haven't actually done any specific devotionals in my adult life, so I have nothing to compare it to.  I'm very happy with it, though!
Wanting: to enjoy a cup of coffee at our new kitchen table! :) 
Looking: around my room and remembering how blessed I really am.
Playing: music from my ipod all morning - it was lost for almost a year but then I found it (in an old purse... come on, Grads, get it together...) and it has ALL OF MY MUSIC on it (literally thousands and thousands of songs!) so I'm in total music nerd heaven right now.
Wishing: it was warm enough to wear this tank top I'm wearing out into the world. It's good for snuggling around the house, but not great for New England wintertime...
Enjoying: all the candles around our house right now!  Different rooms smell like different scents and I love it so much!
Waiting: for this evening's party :) 
Liking: our new laundry area rug!  (Last month I talked about a hamper, this month it's a laundry room rug... apparently I'm really liking laundry accessories at the moment. :-P Thrilling... ahahaha)
Wondering: how the rest of this beautiful day is going to go.
Loving: Speakpipe!  I set up a Speakpipe Voicemail for my site/upcoming projects and I'm already in love with it. So fun to hear y'all's voices!!
Hoping: to get a few more things done around the house before we head out for the day!
Marveling: at how much Christopher and I are progressing with our goals!  We're kinda killing it and I couldn't be happier!
Needing: nothing, really.
Smelling: the candle burning in my room right now... it's actually on its last legs, I've been burning it so much, so I'm savoring what's left of it today.
Wearing: jeans (jeans?!  I know, I'm confused too) and a completely winter-inappropriate tank top! (I'm snuggled under a blanket at the moment, so it works)
Noticing: how many amazing people I have in my life.
Knowing: that I am so incredibly blessed. (<-- Still true!)
Thinking: of the amazing adventures I know I'm going to have this year.
Opening: toooooooo many amazon packages. Prime will be the death of me, I swear it.
Feeling: Content. Excited. Determined. <3 

What about you? How did your January go?  
I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

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