I've tried writing this post five times already.

I'm a person who prides herself in being positive and optimistic - pretty much to a fault.

But this week has been hard, you guys, and all it feels is fake to try to spin it into something positive.

I've had to miss work because of crazy snowstorms in NH, I think I'm starting to get sick, and we've had some family stuff going on that has been overwhelming and stressful and all sorts of scary.

And I wanted to post about something sweet and wonderful like how we spent our Valentine's Day, I'm just not there yet, and I think I need to let that be okay.

This coming Saturday will be the next installment of The Stepmom Club Series, so definitely stick around for that, but I just think I still need to be a little MIA right now.

Thank you for "getting it," my friends.  See you Saturday!

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