The Case for Valentine's Day

Every year, as we get closer and closer to February 14th, the voices of dissent start calling out again:

"UGH. Valentine's Day? It's THE WORST, especially if you're single!"


"Why even bother celebrating Valentine's Day?  Shouldn't you be telling your partner you love them EVERY DAY and not just on VALENTINE'S DAY?!"

Okay, y'all.  First of all, calm yourselves.

And SECOND ---

Valentine's Day is AWESOME and I'm going to tell you why...

I grew up having Valentine's Day as an essential, awesome part of my childhood.  Obviously I had the tiny cards and lollipops in my friend's handmade mailboxes at school, but it was more than that for our family.  As a kid, my parents always gave us cute little surprises and decorated our house in pink & red hearts and we got personalized little Valentine's and we had family dinner together and it was just SO SPECIAL and AWESOME.

For several years we also did this activity where we'd write anonymously on a piece of paper one thing that we loved about each person at the table.  It was such a simple little thing (and honestly, with our age differences I'm 100% positive it was SUPER easy to tell who wrote what, but it was the princple of the matter haha) and activities like that cemented a true love for Valentine's Day in my heart.

As I got older and dating was brought into the equation, that was nice and fun, but in my heart of hearts, I think Valentine's Day is a day set aside for you to express how much you care for those around you.  Your romantic partner, sure, but also your parents and your siblings and your friends and whoever else in your life deserves an extra boost right now.

You can do that with presents or chocolate or greeting cards or in-office pizza delivery (feel free to steal that idea - it's what I did for Chris for our first Valentine's Day together... other people in his office got flowers delivered to them, he got PIZZA!) or even (gasp!) just with words.

You don't have to spend a single dollar to use the day as an opportunity to express to the people around you how much you care about them.

And "shouldn't you do that every day?"

Well, sure!  But adding some red & pink hearts to it never hurt anyone.

So maybe this year, instead of giving a bunch of reasons why it's the worst, you could just join Team Valentines and shower the people you love with a little extra love on February 14th. :)

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