March Favorites!

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Spring is here (finally!) and I couldn't be happier!

After a bit of a tumultuous winter, I'm excited to go into spring with an optimistic attitude and the promise of warm weather ahead!  And March is the start of all of it!

So what have I been loving this month?  Here we go...

Food & Drink

-The most simple lunch of all time - a chicken breast with all-purpose seasoning cooked in the oven for 45 minutes - has been a STAPLE this month.  It's a super, super simple lunch but it's filling and I'm such a creature of habit that I've loved having the consistency.

-OKAY I DON'T KNOW IF YOU GUYS KNOW THIS BUT YOU CAN BUY BOTTLES OF DUNKIN DONUTS ICED COFFEE NOW.  I've only tried the French Vanilla and Mocha flavors so far but they are DELIGHTFUL.  Please don't actually spend 60 bucks on amazon to try these - it was just the best link for the all of the flavors that I could find!  I've seen them in stores all over and, although they're a bit expense at around $3.00 a bottle, they're great as a special treat on the go!  Definitely recommended!

Clothes & Accessories

-I decided to give up buying anything (non-consumably, non-necessity, of course) this month for Lent, so I don't have any new clothing or accessories to share!

Home & Lifestyle

-This sounds so incredibly simple, but there's something I LOVE about good-smelling hand soaps. I love when the scent (lightly!) lingers and there are just some scents that I totally fall in love with, and Caldrea's Sea Salt Neroli is one of them.  (I actually personally use my Grove Collaborative account to purchase this brand - it's cheaper and I like the auto-purchase option!)  This soap is certainly more expensive than most, but for me it's one of those "little luxuries" that makes me super happy and is totally worth it! <3

This has nothing to do with soap, but COME ON.  Look at that little face <3 

Fun & Games

-We do game night every month with Chris' siblings and this month we played an awesome game that I've never played before - Mysterium!  It's a collaborative game (from the makers of Dixit, which is another awesome game I love!) and it's sort-of similar to Clue in that you are solving the "Who, What, & Where" of a murder.  Only in this game, the group works together and tries to decipher clues based on cards of artwork!   It was SUPER fun, relatively simple, and a game that I would gladly play again and again!  Highly recommended for anyone who likes games out there!

Christopher & Jessica

-It was Christopher's brithday this month (woohoo!  Happy b-day, handsome!) and he got some pretty awesome things from my family - including a sassy pair of pants and this really awesome deck of cards with our family's photo on it!!  So cute!  (Pretty sure the cards were from Shutterfly? We love them and as a game-playing family, they're just perfect!)

-Jess got a gift certificate for Christmas from one of her best friends, and this month I was able to take her to the mall to choose something to purchase!  She chose this hilarious Stranger Things t-shirt , and permitted me (hah!) to get one, too! (See pic above for us rockin' them during her school vacation week!)

Precious & Treasured

-As I mentioned before, Christopher's birthday was this month.  What I didn't mention, is that it was my sister-in-law Lee's birthday, too!  We had a joint celebration with the family and it was just an awesome time - I love spending time with everyone and a birthday's a great time to do it!  I'm really grateful that we all live close enough to celebrate events like this together. It's something I really treasure. <3

What about you?  What has been your favorite thing or experience from March?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

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