Taking Stock: March 2017

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New month already?!  I kind of can't handle that it's almost April!  (Especially since here in New England we're supposed to get another snow storm this weekend, but I'm choosing to ignore that...)

This month was a pretty fun one, actually.  As I mentioned in this post, March is Christopher's birthday month, so that's pretty fun in itself!  We ended up having a laid back evening together eating chinese food and watching The Office as a family!  Nothing wild, but really exactly perfect for Chris and for all of us. <3

Christopher and I were also able to do something extra fun this month - we worked on a show together!  Usually, because of our schedules and wanting to make sure at least one of us is able to be with Jess while the other rehearses, we don't work on the same shows. But this time, the show I was already scheduled to work on had an actor drop out due to a family emergency - and so Chris came to the rescue and learned the role the same week the show went up!  Wild!  It was really fun to work together and the show itself was just a blast. :) 

We had lots of family time this month, too.  We love to just hang out and spend time together playing board games or watching "our shows" together!  It's really fun to all snuggle together on the couch or choose a game to play together.  It also keeps me painfully aware of the fact that Jessica is growing up FAST, and I'm so, so grateful for the time we all get to spend together.

In addition to the show Chris and I were able to work together, I also began the rehearsal process for another piece - a play called Clybourne Park that any performer or artist should absolutely take the time to read - and I'm very very excited about working on this show!  We open in about two weeks and it's already a gorgeous piece. I can't wait to continue watching it come together!

Alright, now onto the questions...

Making: SO MANY GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES LATELY.  I have no idea why, but they've just hit the spot for me this month. I must've had half a dozen!
Cooking: ...Not sure if it counts as "cooking," per say, but see above! ;) 
Drinking: my childhood favorite drink - Red Rose tea!  
Reading: Still workin' on Stepmonster by Wednesday Martin.
Wanting: to catch up on my scrapbook.
Looking: at my nice, clean kitchen. I love our new kitchen table - it's the perfect place for me to work!
Playing: The "Acoustic Pop for Work" playlist on Amazon Music. I love this playlist!
Wishing: I could hang up my new quilt shelf, but it's a bit late for hammering, since we have neighbors! hahaha
Watching: the two episodes of "House, M.D." that have Lin Manuel-Miranda in them before Netflix takes House off their site on April 1st!
Enjoying: my little kitchen corner. :) 
Waiting: for my show to open!  So excited!
Liking: brightly colored placemats and fresh flowers on the table.
Wondering: if it will actually snow this weekend!
Loving: my wonderful, thoughtful husband.
Hoping: it doesn't actually snow this weekend! (Thank you very much!)
Marveling: at how much "the little things" are actually the big things.
Needing: nothing, really.
Smelling: a vanilla-scented candle!
Wearing: a blue stripey dress and a grey cardigan.
Noticing: how content I am at this moment.
Knowing: that I am so incredibly blessed.
Thinking: of tasks and 'to do's but also snuggly beds.
Feeling: Sleepy. Excited. Blessed.

What about you? How did your March go?  
I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!
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