Getting Out of Debt

I've talked about budgeting here a little bit, but I haven't really gone into the whole extent of it.

But you guys, Christopher and I are in the process of getting out of debt.

I mean, like, IN THE TRENCHES of this "Getting out of debt" thing and it's crazy and incredible and so so hard.  I swear, right now I eat, sleep, and breathe debt reduction.

We both do theatre, as you know, and every paycheck we get from doing a show immediately goes to paying down our debts.

We do almost nothing that costs money (unless it's been pre-budgeted, of course!) and we therefore basically have no lives.  A few weeks ago we went to see "Get Out" at the movie theatre (it was amazing, by the way) AND we bought popcorn, and I swear it was the most expensive activity we've done in months!

The point is... we are committed.  We are so freaking committed to getting ourselves completely out of consumer debt and I CANNOT WAIT until that is a reality for us.

But honestly?  Getting out of debt is fun for me now!  It's like a game!  It is now officially more fun for me to throw twenty bucks at credit card debt than it is for me to buy something with it.

I don't know what that says about me, but it is!

I'm writing about this because, well, I guess I'm just wondering if we're the only weird ones around here or if any of my friends are working on their debts too.  And if you are, PLEASE feel free to shoot a message my way.  I could nerd out about budgets and snowball methods and interest rates all day, seriously.

And I know that, right now, this whole journey kind of makes Chris and I the most boring people on the planet. But I know that, sooner rather than later, we will suddenly become some of the most interesting ones when we don't have to pay for any debts whatsoever!

And, MAN, I can't wait!

Well, now I'm off to make use of our trusty Netflix account... getting debt free sure is exciting! ;)

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