My Number One Happiness Booster

We all have crappy days sometimes.  That's just life and if you're literally never in a bad mood then you're probably a robot so stay away from me, please and thank you.

But in general, I'm a pretty positive, optimistic person and I think most people in my life would agree with me about that.

Although I know pretty much nothing about the science behind the optimistic/pessimist thing or any of that, I do know that I have one practice in particular that makes a massive difference in my life and the way I view everything in it:

I celebrate the wins.  The tiniest bits of awesome are celebrated in my world.

I allow myself to get super excited about my favorite song playing on the radio or one small compliment from the lady at the grocery store or the very first sip of my favorite cup of coffee.

I take it the positive things around me and try my best to acknowledge and savor them.  For me, gratitude and celebration are a part of everyday life.

It may sound ridiculous to get so much joy out of something so tiny, but I challenge you to try it!  Take a look around, right this second, and acknowledge the awesomeness of this moment.

I'll go first: the sweatshirt I'm wearing is insanely comfortable, the playlist I have on right now is so soothing, and I know that I have an entirely full iced coffee waiting for me in the car.

All of these things, though simple, bring me joy!

I even have a hashtag - #bestlife - that I've used for YEARS to point out the little but amazing things in my life.  Seeing my friends and family members start to adopt and use it brings me a stupid amount of joy - spreading happiness brings MORE happiness!! <3

Take in your surroundings and see if you can notice and acknowledge what it is about your life that kicks major butt!  If you start to do this consistently, maybe you'll notice a more positive general outlook like I have!

What's stellar about your life?  What's amazing and awesome and brings you joy right this moment?

Name it. And you'll start noticing, more and more, how truly phenomenal life really is!

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