Real Talk

Y'all, life has been pretty crazy lately, I'm not gonna lie about it.

Christopher and I are working really diligently to get out of debt, which has left little time for "extra stuff," PLUS I just closed a show, Chris is opening one in about a month, AND we went on a trip to visit Jess' sister Daphne in Pennslyvania last week.

And you know what?  It's been amazing.  It was a phenomenal trip filled with delicious food, awesome sites, and lots of chatting and hanging out with the people I love most.

And you know what the past few weeks HAVEN'T been filled with?


I want to write.

But here's the thing: if I'm honest with myself, I'm going through a bit of a confidence crisis as far as my work goes - you know, the classic "Does this matter? Is this helping anyone?" type thing running through my mind 24/7.

Now listen, I in no way expect you to give a crap about my insecurities, but since I've been a little absent here, I wanted to be honest about why.  I'm spending some time re-evaluating my purpose (in this space and otherwise) and I really do appreciate your kindness and patience while I sort this all out.

Thanks for being the, friends. <3

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