Taking Stock: June 2017

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OKAY.  June was a WILD month for us, you guys!

The last day of school.  Jessica's Birthday.  MY Birthday.  Jess' flight to CA.  Our trip to VA.

It was basically a completely wild, wonderful, crazy adventure of a month!

We were so lucky to have spent some time with both sides of the family to celebrate Miss Jessica before she headed off to her trip, as well as have a "friend birthday" for her, so it was a month of parties for this TEENAGER. (13!!!)

Christopher and I also decided to take a mini road trip from our home in New Hampshire to visit our friends Trevor and Bartley in Virginia, and it was an AWESOME time!  We saw Bartley's show, went to an amusement park, and swam in the James River!  All in all it was a wonderful trip and a much-needed distraction from sending Jess off for her summer visit!

It was a fantastic, albeit busy, month and I'm super excited to see what July will bring!  But for now?  Let's take stock!...

Making: an effort to gain some new skills!
Cooking: rice a lot?  Totally random but I've been on a rice kick lately!

Drinking: iced coffee forever.
Reading: Quitter by Jon Acuff
Wanting: to be out in the sun right now!

Looking: forward to 4th of July celebrations and spending time with friends!
Playing: podcasts on podcasts on podcasts!
Wishing: for lots of ice cream this summer!

Watching: the new season of Face Off!  Is anyone else watching?!  SO COOL!
Enjoying: no-shoes season!
Waiting: for Jessica to come home!  Only a few more weeks!
Liking: my new leggings (thanks for the recommendation, Blair!)
Wondering: what funny meme I should send Jess next!
Loving: all the little, wonderful things that make up life!
Hoping: to have a great week.
Marveling: at how stunning nature truly is.

Needing: nothing, really!
Smelling: coffee, pretty much always.

Wearing: my Gettysburg t-shirt and the aforementioned leggings!
Noticing: how sometimes "doing it scared" is the best idea EVER.
Knowing: we are so close to our financial goals!
Thinking: of microphones and interviews and podcasts, oh my!
Feeling: Grateful.  Blessed.  Excited!

What about you? How did your June go?  
I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

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