The Stepmom Club Podcast: Episode Two

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ALL for your incredible support and encouragement of the first episode of the podcast!

I realized, after I already had Episode one ready and edited and good to go, that I never actually introduced myself to you all on the podcast, so that's what this episode is all about!

I asked on my facebook page if anyone had any questions for me, and some folks came up with some awesome questions about me and my family for me to answer on this short intro episode!

(By the way, turns out it's WAY harder for me to make an episode by myself than it is for me to make one chatting with another human, so thank you for bearing with me in my slightly awkward attempt to give you a little intro :-P )

Episode 2: Introducing the Savages

In this episode, I give you a little bit of information about me and my family!  You can listen below or on iTunes!  If you enjoy it, please feel free to subscribe!

I hope you enjoy my newest episode of The Stepmom Club!  If you're interested in being a part of it, feel free to leave me a listener voicemail or even apply to be featured on the show! 

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Thank you so much again for your amazing support!

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