Lest it be anything but incredibly, abundantly clear - I want to express directly that both myself as a person and this blog as a space abhor and reject the actions of those gathering at the racist, white supremacist rally in Charlottesville this past weekend.

I know my small space on the internet is minuscule in the scheme of things, but I will still use it to dispel hatred, bigotry, and racism as best as I possibly can.

As a human being, and most especially as a Christian, I cannot and will not stand in silence while this happens in my country.  I simply won't do it.

There is no place for this kind of racist, violent hatred.  Now more than ever we need to use our voices and our votes and our wallets to prove that.

We are all confused and scared and deeply saddened by these events, but that does not give those of us with more privilege a free pass to be quiet.  Use those emotions to guide your words, your actions, your paychecks, and your parenting.

Change doesn't come from silence, it comes from action.

Christians, open your Bibles.  Read Matthew 22:36-40 and start doing your job speaking out against the abomination that is rampant racism in this country.  Your silence is damning.  We need to lift our prayers and our voices.  We have to be better than this.

Take action. Do better. Be better.

Silence isn't an option.

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