Taking Stock: July 2017

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I know last month was totally wild, but July was no exception to the crazy awesomeness - Christopher and I had a month absolutely chock full of excitement for sure!

I'm sure you're sick of hearing about it by now but the first SUPER AWESOME adventure for me this July was the release of my new podcast, The Stepmom Club!  So far there have been two episodes released (episode 1 & episode 2) and I have another one being edited this week!  Woohoo!  The podcast has already been a greater success than I could've imagined and I'm so beyond excited to continue creating episodes in the months to come!  

If you're interested in being involved with the show, feel free to leave me a listener voicemail or even apply to be featured!

In addition to all of the podcast excitement, two of my friends GOT MARRIED THIS MONTH!!!  Domi and Amber's Vermont wedding was a total DREAM - delicious food, gorgeous brides, phenomenal music, and some of my favorite people on earth. <3 I was so happy to be included and even more happy for Domi and Amber to begin their married lives together!!

My friend group had it's tenth annual summer party this year. It was everything I could've hoped for, honestly, and it really refreshed my spirits. (Check out my instagram for some straight-up sappiness regarding friendship and traditions)

Jessica also got a phone this month... YOU GUYS. PARENTING A TEENAGER IS HARD!!!
And to add an even better end to an already amazing month, JESSICA CAME HOME!!!  It was QUITE the adventure getting her back to New Hampshire from California but she made it and she's home and pretty much everything is exponentially more wonderful now!  Woohoo!

OKAY, now let's take stock!...

Making: things happen, you guys. I am a BUSY BEE right now and I love it!
Cooking: not much of anything and I'm not sorry.
Drinking: iced coffees larger than my head. (What else is new, right?)
Reading: my Noteworthy version of The Bible - it's my absolute favorite and I recently found out that they don't make it anymore!! :( 
Wanting: to have more time in the day for things I want to do doing rather than have to be doing.
Looking: at the mess that is my house at the moment... oops!
Playing: out scenarios in my head, as per usual.
Wishing: I had a day off!
Watching: video tutorials. All day, every day. (Or, you know, in the evenings when I'm home from work, hahaha!)
Enjoying: a giant iced coffee and planning for the future.
Waiting: for goals to be accomplished!
Liking: when our family watches The Office together - it's "our show" and we love it so much!
Wondering: how our photoshoot will go this weekend!
Loving: my flippin' awesome husband!!  He is TOO wonderful, you guys. <3 
Hoping: I have fun at the movies (I'm going with a friend to see JAWS!) tomorrow night!
Marveling: at how blessed I really am.
Needing: honestly nothing at all.
Smelling: coffee and my Hello Beautiful candle!
Wearing: a cream colored dress and THE GREATEST LEGGINGS OF ALL TIME! (Thanks, Blair!)
Noticing: how calm I feel right now and it's kinda fantastic.
Knowing: I just need to take everything in life one day at a time.
Thinking: of comfy blankets and delicious coffee.
Feeling: Excited. Nervous. Super stoked!

What about you? How did your July go?  
I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

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